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F & F Cha (P)

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Fred Wade & Fran Wade
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Position: Closed "Two-Step" Position
Footwork is for man, opposite for lady.
1-2Step forward left, then right.
3&4Shuffle forward left-right-left (man raises lady's arm).
5-6Step forward right, then left (lady turns ½ to the right & ends on man's left side).
7&8Shuffle forward right-left-right (man extends right hand across to lady to meet lady's left hand, both turn slightly toward each other).
9-10Touch hands, step forward left, then right (man starts to cross in front of lady, under his right arm releasing his left & her right hand).
11&12Shuffle forward left-right-left (lady is now on man's right).
13-14Step slightly forward right, then left (man raises right arm, lady turns to right & backward, under man's left arm using full steps).
15&16Shuffle forward right-left-right (lady ends turn, holding hands).
17-18Step forward left, then right.
19&20Shuffle forward left-right-left (lady makes full turn to the left).
21-22Step right to right side, step left behind right.
23&24Slight shuffle to right side right-left-right.
25-26Rock on left to left side (both turn ¼ to right, extend left toward wall & dip), rock back on right.
27&28Shuffle in place left-right-left (both turn ¼ left).
29-30Step forward right, then left.
31&32Shuffle forward right-left-right (lady makes full turn to the right).
33-34Step left to left side, step right behind left.
35&36Slight shuffle to left side left-right-left.
37-38Rock on right to inside (both turn ¼ to left, extend right toward center & dip), rock back on left.
39&40Shuffle in place right-left-right (man turns ¼ to right, lady makes ½ turn to face LOD).
41-42Step forward left, then right.
43&44Shuffle forward left-right-left.
45-46Step forward right & both pivot ½ turn (man-right, lady-left).
47&48Shuffle forward right-left-right.
49-50Step forward left (man pivots ½ to face lady), step forward right.
51&52Shuffle forward left-right-left.
53-54Step forward right, then left.
55&56Shuffle forward right-left-right.



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