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Factor AB

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Beginner / Improver
Daniel Whittaker (UK) - October 2014
Think - Chris Anderson : (iTunes - 2:49)
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CELEBRATING 15 YEARS OF CHILL FACTOR: The reason I called the dance 'FACTOR AB', is because 15 years ago when I was in a bar on a Spanish island called Majorca I came across the music and created the dance ‘CHILL FACTOR’ I still can not believe Chill Factor is nearly 15 years old and is danced everywhere around the world, I love it today as much as I did all that time ago, so thank you to all for dancing it with me!!! I hope you like this new dance.
ANOTHER NOTE: I have also created a Intermediate version of this dance called Factor 15, this is ideal so you can do a floor split

[1-8] Heel splitz, Right heel, Left heel, right knee pop
1-2Push both heels out, bring both heels in 12:00
3-4Touch right heel forward, step beside left foot 12:00
5-6Touch left heel forward, step beside right foot 12:00
7-8Push right knee intowards left knee, push right knee out to right side 12:00

[9-16] Right grapevine side step, side step with shimmys
1-4Right to right side, cross left behind right, step right to right side, touch left beside right 12:00
5-8Side step left to left side, touch right beside left, Side step right to right side, touch left beside right 12:00
** on side steps shimmy shoulders **

[17-24] Left grapevine ¼ turn left, shuffle R & L
1-4Left to left side, cross right behind left, step left ¼ turn left, scuff right forward 09:00
5&6Step right forward, close left to right, step right foot forward 09:00
7&8Step left foot forward, close right to left, step left foot forward 09:00

[25-32] Rocking chair, ½ turn jump, clap
1-2Rock right forward, recover weight on left 09:00
3-4Rock right foot back, recover weight on left 09:00
5-6Step right forward, make ½ turn left 09:00
&7-8Little syncopated jump forward right, left, CLAP 09:00


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