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Kevin and Meléna Richards (USA) - July 2021
Fancy Like - Walker Hayes
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Dance begins after 16 counts, on lyrics

(1-8) Progressive Step Touches R, L, Syncopated Vine R, 1 ¼ Rolling Vine L
1, 2Step RF diagonally forward R, touch LF to RF
3, 4Step LF diagonally forward L, touch RF to LF
5&6&Step RF to R side, cross Lf behind RF, step RF to R side, touch LF to RF
7&8&¼ turn L stepping LF forward, ½ turn L stepping back RF, ½ turn L stepping forward LF, scuff RF

(9-16) Lock Step, Mambo Forward, Back Lock Step, Touch, ½ Unwind
1&2Step RF forward, lock LF behind RF, step forward RF
3&4Rock LF forward, recover back onto RF, step back LF
5&6Step back RF, cross step LF in front of RF, step back RF
7, 8Touch LF toe behind RF, ½ unwind turn over L shoulder, take weight forward onto LF
*Restart on Wall 3*

(17-24) Nightclub R, L, Step Touch, ¼ Turn Step Touches x3
1, 2&Step RF to R side, rock LF behind RF, recover onto RF
3, 4&Step LF to L side, rock RF behind LF, recover onto LF
5&6&Step RF to R side, touch LF to RF, ¼ L step LF, touch RF to LF
7&8&¼ turn L stepping RF back, touch LF to RF, ¼ turn L step LF, touch RF to LF

(25-28) Hip Roll and bump R, L
1, 2Step RF to R side while rolling hips back and around to R, bump hips forward L
3, 4Shift weight to LF while rolling hips back and around to L, bump hips forward R

Tags (walls 2, 5, 7) Toe Touches R, L, Heel Touch, Back Toe Touch
5&6&Touch RF toe to R side, step RF together, touch LF to L side, step LF together
7&8&Touch RF heel forward, step RF together, touch LF toe back, step LF together


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