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Fancy Like

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Marla Brandon (USA) - July 2021
Fancy Like - Walker Hayes
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Fancy Like is Choreographed with an AB pattern. B being identical to A with just an added 4 counts.
So A is 28 counts, B is 32.
Pattern is A, B, 16 ct restart, A, B, A, B Very easy to follow with the music.

[1-8] Stomp, Walk-in, Stomp Walk-in, Angle walk back R/L 4 x
1&2&Stomp R foot on the forward angle, walk the L into the R heel, toe, scuff.
3&4&Stomp the L foot on the forward angle and walk the R heel, toe stomp.
5& 6& 7& 8&Step back on the angle with the R follow in with the L, Repeat L/R, R/L, L/R

[9-16] Vine R/L, Turning K step
1& 2&Step R to R, L behind, R to side, scuff L
3& 4&Step L to L, R behind, L to side, tap R
5& 6& 7& 8&Step R to forward angle, follow in L, step L back to center, follow with R tap, ¼ turn over R shoulder, step out with R, follow in with L tap, step back with L follow with R tap

[17-24] Hip Pop R/L, Mambo forward, back
1& 2&Step R toe forward, push R hip once, pop again and step down on R
3& 4&Step L toe forward, push L hip once, pop again and step down on L
5& 6& 7& 8&Rock recover R forward, weight on R, Rock recover L back, weight on L

[25-32] Hip roll pivot, 2x, Nightclub
1& 2& 3& 4&Step R front and pivot over L ¼ turn using a hip roll, repeat
(if you are doing pattern A you would restart here)
5& 6& 7& 8&Step R to R side, slide L in and rock recover behind R, Reverse.
(if you are doing pattern B you would start again here)

One restart on third wall after 16 counts, this comes right after the turning K step .

If any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at


step5678 July 21, 2021
I really like the dance. I'll be teaching it soon!

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