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Fancy Like

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Terri Martin (USA) - August 2021
Fancy Like - Walker Hayes
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Intro: 16 counts 1 Restart wall 3, 1 Tag Walls 2,5,&7

(1-8) Step, Touch, Step, Touch, Diagonal Step, Step together, Step, Touch, Step, Touch, Step, Touch, Diagonal Step, Step together, Step
1&2&Step to R(1), Touch L next to R(&), Step L to L,(2), Touch R next to L(&)
3&4&Step R back diagonally(3), Step L next to R(&), Step R Back diagonally(4), Touch L next to R(&)
5&6&Step L to L(5), Touch R next to L(&), Step R to R(6), Touch L next to R (&)
7&8Step L back diagonally(7), Step R next to L(&), Step L back diagonally(8)
Styling: On the diagonal steps back keep knees slightly bent

(9-16) Cross, Back, Side, Cross, Back, Side, Rocking Chair, CrossWalk x2
1&2Cross R over L(1), Step Back on L(&), Step R to R(2)
3&4Cross L over R(3), Step back on R(&), Step L to L(4)
5&6&Rock fwd on R(5), Recover back on L(&), Rock Back on R(6), Recover fwd on L(&)
7-8Walk fwd on R slightly crossing L(7), Walk fwd on L slightly crossing R(8)
Restart on wall 3

(17-24) Rock Fwd, Recover, Step Back, Coaster Step, ¼ Turn R Sway R, Sway L, Modified Shuffle to R
1&2Rock fwd on R(1), Recover back on L(&), Big step back on R(2)
3&4Step back on L(3), Step R next to L(&), Step fwd on L(4)
5-6¼ Turn R Sway to R(5), Sway to L(6) 3 O' Clock Styling: exaggerate sways
7&8Step to R rolling from heel to Toe(7), Drag L next to R(&), Step to R rolling from heel to toe(8)

(25-28) Cross Rock, Recover, Side, Cross, Side
1&2Cross L over R(1), Recover on R(&), Step L to L(2)
3-4Cross R over L(3), Step L to L(4)

TAG: [1- 4] count Tag: Walk around R, L, R, L - Tag is after Walls 2,5,7
1Step ¼ Turn R on R (6 O'Clock)
2Step ¼ Turn to R on L (9 O'Clock)
3Step ¼ Turn to R on R (12 O'Clock)
4Step ¼ Turn to R on L (3 O'Clock)

This Dance was inspired by the Tik Tok Video by Walker Hayes. For Optional hand motions
(walls 2,5,7) and styling see the video on Tik Tok or on YouTube

Choreographed for Matt's garage line dancing group. Enjoy!
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Brenda Bear August 10, 2021
This dance goes so well with this FUN song! Great job on the fabulous dance, keep up the good work!

doldec August 10, 2021
Great dance goes well with music and fun to do !!

Julieben August 10, 2021
This is PERFECT, thank you!

LexiJ August 10, 2021
A very fun dance!

Maniac August 11, 2021
Fun dance! You are so creative!

Matts99 August 19, 2021
This is the best line dance to this song!!

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