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Far Ahead

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High Intermediate
Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) - December 2021
Time After Time - Mabel : (From the McDonald's Christmas Advert 2021)
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Intro 4 counts

R basic, Spiral R 5/8, Walk RL fwd, Rock, Recover, 1½ R
1-2&Step R to R (1), Step L next R (2), Cross R over L (&)
3-4&Step L to L and do a Spiral 5/8 turn to your R (3), Walk R,L (4&) - facing 7.30
5-6Rock R forward (5), Recover (6)
*1st Wall: watch your watch as the lyrics are « Clock Thicking »
**2nd Wall: raise both arms forward using your fingers as if they were walking as lyrics are « Walking »
***3rd Wall: Cover your face with both hands as lyrics are « Darkness ».
7&8turn ½ R stepping R fwd (7), turn ½ R stepping L back (&), turn ½ R stepping R fwd (8) - facing 1.30

L basic, Point, Rolling Vine doing 1 Turn 1/2 R, Cross & Two Sweeps Back
1-2&31/8 R Big Step L to L(1), Step R next L(2), Cross L over R(&),Point R to R(3)
4&51/4 R Step R forward (4), 1/2 R Step L back (&), 1/2 R Step R forward and hitch L knee to add 1/4 more to your R (5) - facing 9:00
6&Cross L over R (6), Step R to R (&)
7-8Step L back and Sweep R (7), Step R back and Sweep L (8)

L back mambo ½ R, R back mambo ¼ L, Cross Hitch, Behind Side Cross, Full Turn Unwind.
1&2Back Rock with L (1), Recover (&), 1/2 R Step L back (2),
3&4Back Rock with R (2), Recover (&), 1/4 L Step R to R (4),
5-6&Step L Behind R and Hitch R opening the leg like a pen (5), Cross R behind L (6), Step L to L (&),
7-8Cross R over L (7), Unwind full turn to your L and sweep L (8) - facing 12:00

Behind, 1/4R Step, Step, Pivot 1/2 R, Run RLR, 1/4L, Sway R,L
1&2Cross L behind R (1), 1/4R Step R forward (&), Step L forward (2)
3&4Pivot 1/2 R and walk forward R,L,R (3&4)
&5-6Pivot 1/4 L (&), Sway R,L (5-6)

Restart here on wall 3 after count « & », don't do the sways, start with the tag !

TAG (After wall 2, after the restart on wall 3, do the TAG twice)
Lunge, ¼ L, Step Turn Step, Touch Point Touch, Basic NC, 1/4R, 3/8 R
1-2Lunge to your R (1), Recover with a 1/4 L (2),
3&4Step R forward (3), Turn1/2 L (&), Step R forward (4)
e&a Touch L next R (e), Point L to L (&), Touch L next R (a)
5-6&Step L to L (5), Step R next to L (6), Cross L over R (&)
7-8&1/4 R Step R forward (7), Step L forward (8), Pivot 3/8 R (&) - facing 10.30'
Hands : Cover your face with both hands as the lyrics are « Lost » (1), Keep your L hand up to your forehead as you recover to the L as the lyrics are « Look » (2)

Rock and 3/8L Turn, Step Turn Step, Walk, Step Turn Step, Step Pivot 1/2 R
1&2Cross Rock L over R (1), Recover (&), 3/8 L Step L forward (2)
3&4Step R forward (3), Pivot 1/2 L (&), Step R forward (4)
5-6&7Walk L (5), Step R forward (6), Pivot 1/2 L (&), Step R forward (7)
8Step L forward doing a slow ½ R getting ready to start the dance again (8)
Hands : Bring both hands up and as you Cross Rock, bend your knees and bring both
hands down as the lyrics are « Fall » (1), Raise L arm Up and grab your L wrist with your R
hand as lyrics are « Catch » (2). Keep holding your wrist until you do your Step Turn Step and lyrics are « Waiting » (4), then open both arms aside as you walk forward.

Smile and start the dance again !
If you want to receive my last dances, send me your email:

Last Update - 6 Jan. 2022


Beautiful Jean Pierre I hope you are entering this in the CRYSTAL BOOT AWARDS I for one will be dancing this TIME AFTER TIME Vicky WALES (UK)

DancingQueen January 20, 2022
Absolutely stunning dance to beautiful music. Jean-Pierre: I hope you will be teaching this dance at NW Line Dance Blast in Portland this April!

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