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Father of The Bride

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High Intermediate waltz
Lam Lam (HK – May 2016)
I Loved Her First by Heartland (3:31mins)
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Intro : 24 counts

(1-6) Cross Ronde Sweep R,L
123Cross R fwd (1), Ronde sweep Lf from back to front (2,3),12:00
456Cross L fwd (4), Ronde sweep Rf from back to front (5,6) 12:00

(7-12) Mambo 1/2R, Spiral 3/4R
123Rock fwd on R(1), Recover on L(2), 1/2R Step R fwd(3)6:00
456Step L fwd(4), Spiral 3/4 turn right over 2 counts (5,6)3:00

(13-18) Side, Back Rock X 2
123Step R to side(1), Rock back on L(2), Recover fwd on R(3)3:00
456Step L to side (4), Rock back on R(5), Recover fwd on L(6)3:00

(19-24) Side, Behind, 1/4 turn R, Pivot 1/2R, 1/2R
123Step R to side(1), Step L behind R(2), 1/4R Step R fwd(3)6:00
456Step L fwd(4), Pivot 1/2R (5), further 1/2 turn R step L back(6)6:00

(25-30) Step Back Sweep (R/L)
123Step Back on R(1), sweep Lf from front to back (2,3)6:00
456Step back on L(4), sweep Rf from front to back (5,6)6:00

(31-36) Back Rock 1/2L, 3/4L side Rock
123Rock back on R(1), Recover fwd on L(2), 1/2L Step R back(3)12:00
4561/2L Step L fwd(4), 1/4L Rock R to side(5), Recover on L(6)3:00

(37-42) Cross Lunge Side (R/L),
123Cross lunge R over L (1), Recover on L (2), Step R to side(3)3:00
456Cross Lunge L over R (4), Recover on R (5), Step L to side(6)3:00

(43-48) Weave L, 3/4 Turn Left with sweep
123Cross R over L(1), Step L to side(2), Cross R behind L (3)3:00
4561/4L step L fwd(4), Pencil 1/2L bringing Rf close to LF (5,6)6:00

(49-54) Cross Rock Side, CrossUnwindFullTurn Right
123Cross Rock R over L(1), Recover on L(2), Step R to side(3)6:00
456Cross L over R(4), Unwind full turn Right for 2 counts, keeping weight on LF sweeping RF round from front to back (5,6)6:00

(55-60) Back Twinkle on R/L
123Step R back (1), Rock L To side (2), Recover weight on to R(3)6:00
456Step L back (4), Rock R to side(5), Recover weight on to L(6)6:00

(61-66) Sailor Cross, Side & drag
123Cross R behind L(1), Step L to side (2), Cross R over L(3)6:00
456Big Step L to side (4), Drag R towards L (5,6)6:00

(67-72) Rolling Vine Turn R, 1/8R Fwd Lunge
1231/4R Step R fwd(1), 1/2R Step L back (2), 1/4R Step R to side(3)6:00
4561/8 Turn R & Cross L over R (4), Hold 2 counts (5,6) throwing R arm from back to front for 2 counts7:30

(73-78) Walk Back RLR, 1/4L Side Lunge
123Walk back on R,L,R (1,2,3)7:30
4561/4L Lunge L to side (4,5,6)4:30

(79-84) Basic 3/4 Turn R, Basic 1/2 Turn R
1231/4R Step on R (1), 1/2R Step L back(2), Step R beside L (3)1:30
456Step L back (4), 1/2R Step R fwd(5), Step L beside R (6)7:30

(85-90) 1/4R with Ronde Sweep, Twinkle 1/2L
123Step R fwd sweep LF to side making 1/4 turn R (1,2,3)10:30
456Cross L over R (4), 1/4L step R back (5), 1/4L Step L to side(6)4:30

(91-96) 1/4R with Ronde Sweep, Twinkle 3/8L
123Step R fwd sweep LF to side making 1/4 turn R (1,2,3)7:30
456Cross L over R (4), 1/4L Step R back(5), 1/8L Step L to side (6)3:00

Tag : Add 12 counts after wall 2 (facing 6:00)
1-6Step R fwd (1), Low Kick fwd on L(2,3), Step L back (4), 1/2R Step R fwd(5), Step L fwd (6)
7-12Repeat (1-6) once

Ending :The dance ended at count 48, change the last 3 counts to 1/4L fwd lunge & drag R towards L
A Beautiful Wedding Song.


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