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February Rose

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Sandy Kerrigan (Sydney) Australia – Feb 2015
The Rose by LeAnne Rimes
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Dance Starts on Lyrics - Version 1:00 – [BPM: 173.5] Track Length 3:25

S1: Step Back with Drag, Back, Diagonal Fwd, Fwd, Mambo, Lift, Behind, Side, Cross, Side Rock
1 2 & 3Step Back R/Dragging L, Step back on L, Step R Fwd to Side R 45°, Step Fwd L
4 & 5Step Fwd R, Replace back to L, Step Back on ball of R/lifting L
6 & 7Cross L Behind R, Step R to R, Cross L over R to 6:00
8 & 1Rock R to R Side, Replace to L, Cross R over L

S2: ¼, ¼, Cross, Swing Fwd with Tap, Swing Step behind, Cross Behind, ¼, Step Side, Step Drag, Behind, ¼ Fwd, Step Fwd 12:00
2 & 3Turning R-1/4 Step Back L, ¼ -Step R to R, Cross L over R
4 5Circle R Fwd to Tap Across L, Circle R Back to Step R behind L
6 & 7Cross L behind R, ¼ R –Step Fwd R, Step L to L with R Drag
8 & 1Cross R behind L, ¼ L Step Fwd L, Step Fwd R 12:00

S3: Diagonal Fwd, Together, ¼ Back, Coaster with Fwd Point, Behind, Side, Cross, Scissor Step
2 & 3Step L Fwd to L45° (deep) Step R next o L 9:00, Step Back on L to 6:00 (1/4-1/4)
4 & 5Step Back R, Step L next o R, Point R Fwd 6:00
6 & 7Cross R behind L, Step L to L, Cross R over L
8 & 1Step L to L, Step R next to L, Cross L over R

S4: ¼ Back, ¼ Fwd, ¼ Side, ½ Hinge with Point, ½ Hinge with Step, Behind, ¼ Fwd, Coaster Step
2 & 3Turning ¼ L-Step back on R, ¼ L-Step Fwd L, ¼ L Step R to R 9:00
4 5Turning ½ Hinge L-Turning on R, Point L to L Side, ½ Hinge L-Step L to L Side 9:00
6 7Cross R Behind L, Turn ¼ L-Step Fwd L to 6:00
8 &Tag 1 Step Fwd R, Step L next to R **, Long Step back on R

Note: End Wall 2 and 4 facing 12:00
**4 count Tag @ this marker**
1 2 & 3 4 &Rock back R, Replace to L, Step R to L, Rock Fwd L, Replace to R, Step L to R

This dance is dedicated to Baby Rose Rhonda, February Rose, god bless Rose,
Keep her safe, for we love her so…………

Contact: 0412 723 326



Ra May 26, 2015
Such a beautiful dance. Gives me goosebumps.

Amor August 3, 2015
We have been dancing to February Rose for a while....moving and singing to the beat as it seems to take us back in time! So heartwarming!

Amor August 3, 2015
oops ...forget to add.....and of course Baby Rose is beautiful!!!

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