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Feel Good

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Beginner / Novice - Country Funky
Raquel Reynolds (USA) - December 2015
I Feel Good - Thomas Rhett
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[1-8] Vaudeville Left, Vaudeville Right
1 2Step Left Side, Step Right behind Left
&3&4Step Left Side, Touch Right Heel Forward (1:30), Step Right Next to Left, Step Left across Right
5 6Step Right Side, Step Left behind Right
&7&8Step Right Side, Touch Left Heel Forward (10:30), Step Left Next to Right, Step Right across Left

[1-8] Left Chasse, Right Chasse, ½ Turn Right, Out-Out-In-In
1&2Locking Chasse diagonally Forward Left-Right-Left (10:30)
3&4Locking Chasse diagonally Forward Right-Left-Right (10:30)
5 6Step Left Forward, Turn ½ Turn Right (weight to right foot, 4:30)
&7&8Big Step Left Side 1/8 Turn Right (6:00), Big Step Right Side, Step Left to Right, Step Right to Left

[1-8] Left Touch and Cross, Right Touch and Cross, Rock Recover, Coaster Step
1 2Touch Left Side, Cross Left over Right
3 4Touch Right Side, Cross Right over Left
5 6Rock Left Forward, Recover to Right
7&8Step Left Back, Step Right Together, Step Left Forward

[1-8] Right Toe Strut, Left Toe Strut, ½ Turn Left, ½ Turn Right, Drag
1 2Step Right Toe Forward, Drop Right Heel
3 4Step Left Toe Forward, Drop Left Heel
5 6Step Right Forward, Turn ½ Left (weight to Left 12:00)
7 8Step Right Forward Turn ½ Left, Drag Left to Right (no weight change)

Restarts: Wall 2 (16 counts), Wall 4 (first 8 counts), Wall 5 (16 counts), Wall 7 (16 counts), Wall 11 (16 counts)


Last Update – 27th Nov 2016


Suzanne Wilson March 7, 2016
The video demo I found on line has the dancers pointing out left to the side first in the 3rd set of 8 counts. Here it says step left first then point right to side. I'm not sure how to teach it, but since this sheet seems to have been updated after the video was made, I'm going to do it the way its written. Please let me know if this is not correct. Thanks!

DancerRaquel June 9, 2016
I have corrected the step sheet!! Submitting a new step sheet now!

Suzanne Wilson June 13, 2016
Thanks DancerRaquel! I was reviewing it after I printed it again and I'm afraid there's one more typo if you want to change it. In the header of the last section, I think you mean it's two half turns LEFT... not the second one being right. Either way, I got it now and it's really fun. Thanks for sharing and caring!

(25-32) Right Toe Strut, Left Toe Strut, ½ Turn Left, ½ Turn Right, Drag

DancerRaquel June 16, 2016
I have corrected the typo... Also, I have changed the restart on Wall 4 to 16 counts and Wall 5 to 8 counts.. this turns the dance to 'face front' a bit more.

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