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Feel The Fire

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Michael Barr (USA) - October 2015
Bottled Up Tight - Luke Sital-Singh : (Album: Old Flint E.P.)
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Intro: 16 counts - Rotaes CW.

* Bottled Up Tight is on two of Luke Sital-Singh’s albums. The track from Old Flint is the one you want.
Download - Single download on iTunes & / Length: 3:21
Thanks to: Michele B., Martha Ogasawara & the Hemet workshop dancers for their input and to Lex Bayley for introducing me to the song and the artist.
Note: This beautiful song has a tempo that is slower than you might think. There are parts of the choreography like the Cross Rock Returns, for example, that you want to sink into the floor and take your time executing. 

[1 – 8] Cross Rock Return, Chasse R, Rock Return, Lock Step Back
1 - 2Rock R in front of L to left diagonal; Return weight to L in place 12
3 & 4Step R side right; Step L next to R; Step R side right 12
5 - 6Rock L in front of R to right diagonal; Return weight to R in place (still facing right diag.) 12
7 & 8Step L back (go back on same diagonal); Cross Step R in front of L (lock-step); Step L back 12

[9 – 16] 3/8 Turn R, Step-1/2 Turn R-Point L, Full Turn L, Step Back, Coaster Step
1Turn 3/8 right stepping R forward (this squares you onto the back wall) 6
2 & 3Step L forward; Turn ½ right shifting weight to R; Touch/Point L out to side left (prep for left turn) 12
4 - 5Step L next to R as you begin a slow full turn spin left (4); Finish the turn with weight still on L (5) 12
Note Keep your R next to your left, slightly off the floor, as you make your full turn.
6Step R back as you come out of the turn 12
4 - 5 - 6Count 3 is the prep for the upcoming turn. If you prefer you can do a ¼, point, ¼; Monterey turn. Turn ¼ left stepping L next to R (4); Point R side right (5); Turn ¼ right stepping BACK on R (6)
7 & 8Step L back; Step R next to L; Step L forward 12

Restart On wall 4 (9 o’clock wall), finish count 16 and restart the dance again on the 9 o’clock wall.

[17 – 24] Step Forward, Forward Coaster, Back-Turn 1/4 L-Cross, Step Side, 1/4 Sailor Step
1Step R forward 12
2 & 3Step L forward; Step R next to L; Step L back (large step back) 12
4 & 5Step R back (prep ¼ turn left); Turn ¼ left stepping L side left; Step R in front of L 9
6Step L side left (large step to the side) 9
7 & 8Step R behind L; Turn ¼ right stepping L next to R; Step R forward 12

[25 – 32] Step Forward, Sweep Right, Cross-Side-Cross, Rock Forward, Return, 3/4 Turn Left
1 - 2Step L forward crossing slightly in front of R; Sweep R out to side and around to the front (no turn) 12
3 & 4Step R in front of L; Step L side R; Step R in front of L (moves slightly to the forward left diagonal) 12
5 - 6Rock L forward to the left diagonal; Return onto your R in place (look over your left shoulder) 12
7 & 8Start stepping out a ¾ arc turn left (run, run, run) L, R, L to the left diagonal of the 3 o’clock wall 3

Begin Again and Enjoy! Dance Ends on The Front Wall!!!

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