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Feeling Good

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Jessica Wegmann (Switzerland) Oct 2013
Feeling Good by Michael Bublé. Album : It's Time - iTunes
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The dance begins immediately on the voice when the introduction is danced (optional).
Or you may begin after the introduction (47 seconds) on the heavy beat.

Introduction (optional)

The step phrases are initiated on certain words in the lyrics rather than on counts. Feel free to play with the slowing and accelerating of the steps in between the Word Cues.

The step phrases:
1 -Step L across, ¼ turn left stepping back onto R, ¼ turn left stepping L to left side. (6 :00)
2 -Step R across (facing 4 :30), Sweep L round from back to front. (4 :30)
3 -Step L across (still facing diagonal), Step R back, Step L back, Step R across.
4 -Step L back Sweeping R from front to back and turning 3/8 turn right. (9 :00)
5 -Behind-side-cross (RLR).
6 -Step L to left side, Drag R towards L.
7 -Close R to L, Step L across, ¼ turn left stepping R back, ½ turn left stepping L forward (12 :00)
8 -Step R forward, Sweep L from back to front.

Here are the Word Cues :

Birds flying – 1st phrase
high – 2nd phrase
You know how I – 3rd phrase
feel – 4th phrase
Sun in the – 5th phrase
sky – 6th phrase
You know how I – 7th phrase
feel – 8th phrase

Breeze driftin’ on – 1st
by – 2nd
You know how I – 3rd
feel – 4th
It’s a new – 5th
dawn. 6th
It’s a new day – 7th
It’s a new life – 8th

for me – 1st & 2nd
and I’m feeling – 3rd & 4th (continue another ¼ turn right to square up to 12 :00)
good – Step R to right side, Cross L over R, Unwind full turn right finishing with weight on L
Go straight into main dance on the heavy beat.

Main dance : 32 counts
Side Drag, Behind-Turn-Turn, Side Drag, Behind-Turn-Step, ½ Pivot, Step, Lock Step
1Big Step R to right side dragging L
2&3Step L behind R, ¼ turn right stepping R forward, ¼ turn right stepping Big Step L to left side dragging R (6 :00)
4&5Step R behind L, ¼ turn left stepping L forward, Step R forward (3 :00)
6-7½ turn left onto L foot, Step R forward (9 :00)
8&aStep L forward (8), Lock R behind L (&), Step L forward (a)

Step Across, Side-Together, Cross, Side-Together, Cross, ¼ ¼, Step, Sweep-Cross
1Step R across
&2Step L to left side, Step R next to L
3Step L across
&4Step R to right side, Step L next to R
5&6Step R across, ¼ turn right stepping L back, ¼ turn right stepping R to right side (3 :00)
7-8&Step L forward (7), Sweep R from back to front, (8) Step R across (&)

Nightclub Basic L, Nightclub Basic R, ¼ Prepare, 2 Full Turns
1-2&Step L to left side, Close R behind L, Step L slightly across
3-4&Step R to right side, Close L behind R, Step R slightly across
5-6¼ turn left stepping L forward, Step R forward preparing for right turns (12 :00)
7&½ turn right stepping L back, ½ turn right stepping R forward
8&½ turn right stepping L back, ½ turn right stepping R forward

Kick & Touch & Touch & Kick, Out-Out, In-In, Ball-Scuff, Step Back
1Kick L across
&2Step L in place, Touch R next to L turning R Knee in
&3Step R in place, Touch L next to R turning L Knee in
&4Step L in place, Kick R across (*Restart here on 2nd Wall)
&5Step R to right side, Step L to left side (width of shoulders)
&6Step R in, Step L in next to R
&7Small step in place on Ball of R foot, Scuff L forward
8Hitch and bring L foot through to step back on L
&Turn ¼ right to begin new wall (3 :00)


* Restart on Wall 2 after 28 counts, facing 3 oclock


( 18:27:10)


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