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Felicia's Loving Cha

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Felicia Harris Jones (USA) - February 2016
Boy & a Girl Thing - Mo Pitney
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Adapted from original dance called Loving You Easy.

A special thanks to Kathy Brown for her advice and encouragement to add on to the original dance in order to make this dance something that could be danced to many different Cha’s.
Choreographer’s Note: My personal favorite songs to dance to this include: A Boy and A Girl Thing by Mo Pitney, Kiss by Prince, Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth. You cannot put this to the original song, Loving You Easy, as it changes the phrasing so that the dance and the song don’t fit.

(1-8) Step Lock, Forward Shuffle, Rock Recover, Shuffle Back
12Step left foot forward, Lock right foot behind left
3&4Shuffle forward left, right, left
56Rock forward on right foot, Recover back onto left
7&8Shuffle back right, left, right

(9-16) Back Rock Recover, Forward Shuffle, Side Rock, Sailor Step
12Rock back onto left, Recover forward onto right
3&4Shuffle forward left, right, left
56Rock right to side, Recover to left
7&8Step right behind left, step left next to right, step right to side

(17-24) Step ¼ turn, Crossing Shuffle, ½ Hinge Turn, Crossing Shuffle
12Step left foot forward, pivot ¼ turn right (weight on right) (3:00 wall)
3&4Step left across right, step right to side, cross, left over right
56Stepping back on right make ¼ turn left, stepping left ¼ left (weight on left) (9:00 wall)
7&8Step right across left, step left to side, step right across left

(25-32) Rock Recover & Rock Recover &, Rocking Chair
12&Step left to side swaying hips left, Sway back to the right, Step left next to right
34&Step right to side swaying hips right, Sway back to the left, Step right next to left
56Rock left forward, Recover to right
78Rock left back, Recover to right

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