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Intermediate NC Rhythm
Steve Lescarbeau (USA) - October 2015
Brand New Day - David Nail
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S1: ½ R, Full Spiral R, Step Forward, Scissor ¼ R
1, 2, 3, 4& 5Make a ½ turn R stepping forward on R, Step L forward and pivot on the ball of your L a full turn on L over R shoulder, Step forward on R, Step forward on L, Step ¼ R on R, Cross L over R 9:00
R Back ¼ L Sweep L Back, Step Back on L Sweep R Back, Rock Back, Recover, ½ L on R Sweep L Back
6, 7, 8& 1Make ¼ L stepping back on R as you sweep L front to back, Step back on L as you sweep R front to back, Rock back on R, Recover L, Make a ½ turn L as you step back on R while you sweep your L front to back, 12:00

S2: Behind, ¼ R, Side L, Step R Back 1/8, Step L Back 1/8, ¼ Side R on R
2& 3, 4& 5Step L behind R, Step ¼ R on R, Step L to L, Step R back 1/8 turn R, Step back on L 1/8 R, Step R 1/4 to R 9:00
Tap L to R, ¼ L on L, ½ L on R, ¼ L on L, Cross R over L, Side L
6, 7& 8& 1Tap L next to R as you bend your knees slightly to R (building torque), Make ¼ L on L, ½ L stepping back on R, Make ¼ L on L, Cross R over L, Step L to L 9:00

S3: Rock Recover ¼ L, Shuffle Side L, R, L
2&3, 4& 5Rock R behind L, Recover L, Step R back ¼ L, Step L to R, Step R to L, Step L to L 6:00
Cross Rock, Recover, Side In Front Side Behind
6, 7& 8& 1Cross Rock R over L, Recover L, Step R to R, Cross L over R, Step R to R, Step L behind R 6:00

S4: Scissor Step, ¼ R, 1/4 R, Cross
2& 3, 4& 5Step R to R, Step L next to R, Cross R over L, ¼ R stepping back on L, Make ¼ R stepping R to R, Cross L over R 12:00
Unwind 1/2, Reverse Rocking Chair
6, 7& 8&Unwind ½ R, Rock back on R, Recover L, Rock forward on R, Recover L 6:00

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