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Finest Around (P)

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Karen Poll (UK) & Nigel Poll (UK) - April 2017
Champagne Promise - David Nail : (CD: Fighter)
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Sweetheart Position, facing LOD
Same Footwork throughout, unless listed

Walk, Walk Shuffle, Cross Rock, Side Shuffle
1-4Walk Fwd Right, Walk Fwd Left, Right Shuffle Fwd
5-8Cross Left over Right, Recover on Right, Left Side Shuffle

Cross Rock, Side Shuffle ¼, Step Pivot ½ Turn, Shuffle Fwd
9-12Cross Right over Left, Recover on Left, Right Side Shuffle ¼ Right (Facing OLOD)
13-16Step Fwd Left, Pivot ½ Right, Left Shuffle Fwd (facing ILOD)
(Taking Left hands over Ladies head into Indian position)

Weave ¼, Step Pivot ½, Shuffle Fwd (Lady ½ turn shuffle)
17-20Cross Right over Left, Left to Left Side, Cross Right behind Left, Turn ¼ Left Step Fwd Left
(facing RLOD)
21-24Man - Step Fwd Right, Pivot ½ Left, Right Shuffle Fwd, (facing LOD)
(taking Left hands over Mans head ending facing with arms crossed Right hands on top)
 Lady – Step Fwd Right, Pivot ½ Left, Shuffle ½ Left Back (facing RLOD)

Walk, Walk Shuffle, Walk, Walk Shuffle turning ½ Turn Right
25-28Man - Walk Fwd Left, Walk Fwd Right, Left Shuffle Fwd (facing LOD)
 Lady - Walk Back Left, Walk Back Right, Left Shuffle backwards (facing RLOD)
29-32Both - Turning ½ Right, Walk Fwd Right, Left, Right Shuffle Fwd,

Walk, Walk Shuffle, (lady Full turn in front of man) Step Lock Shuffle
33-36Man - Turning ½ turn Right, Walk Fwd Left, Right, (behind Lady as she turns)Left Shuffle fwd (LOD)
 Lady - Step Fwd Left turning ¼ Left, Step Back Right Turn ¼ Left, Left Shuffle ½ Left
(Release Left hands, take Right hands over Ladies head, to end on Right side of
Man in Sweetheart position facing LOD)
37-40Both - Step Fwd Right, Lock Left behind Right, Right Shuffle Fwd.

Step Lock Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Shuffle ½ Turn
41-44Step Fwd Left, Lock Right Behind Left, Left Shuffle Fwd
45-48Rock Fwd Right, Recover on Left, Shuffle ½ Turn Right (facing RLOD)

Step Pivot ¼ Turn, Cross Shuffle, Weave ¼ Turn Right
49-52Step Fwd Left, Pivot ¼ Turn Right, Left Cross Shuffle (facing ILOD Indian position)
53-56Side Right, Left Behind Right, Turn ¼ right Step Fwd Right, Turn ¼ Right Step Left to Left side Turn ¼ Right,

Weave ¼ Left, Shuffle, Rock, Recover Coaster Step.
57-60Right Behind Left, Step Fwd Left Turn ¼, Right Shuffle Fwd
(Right Hands over Ladies Head facing LOD, Sweetheart position)
61-64Rock Left Fwd, Recover on Right, Left Coaster Step Back
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