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Fingers Crossed

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Easy Intermediate
Robyn Groot (AUS), Linda Wolfe (AUS), Gary Parker (AUS) & Cheryl Parker (AUS) - February 2022
Fingers Crossed - Lauren Spencer-Smith
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#32 Count Intro

Right Shuffle Forward, Step, Pivot 1/2 Right, Left Shuffle Forward, Step, Pivot 1/4 Left.
1&2Shuffle Forward Right, Left, Right.
3 - 4Step Forward Left, 1/2 Pivot Right, (Weight On Right) (Facing 6.00)
5&6Shuffle Forward Left, Right, Left.
7 - 8Step Forward Right, 1/4 Pivot Left, (Weight On Left) (Facing 3.00)

Step Sweep, Step Sweep, Cross, Side, Behind, Side, Cross, 1/4, Back Rock.
1 - 2Step Forward Right, Sweep Left Around Right.
3 - 4Step Forward Left, Sweep Right Around Left.
5&6&Cross Right Over Left, Step Left To Left Side, Step Right Behind Left, Step Left To Left side.
7&8Cross Right Over Left, Turning 1/4 Right, Step Back on Left, Rock Back On Right. (Facing 6.00)

Forward, 1/2 Turn Left, Back Rock, 1/2 Turn Right, 1/4 Turn Right, Cross Shuffle.
1 - 2Replace Weight Forward On Left, Turning 1/2 Turn Left, Step Back On Right. (Facing 12.00)
3 - 4Rock Back On Left, Replace Weight Forward On Right.
5 - 6Turning 1/2 Turn Right, Step Back Left, Turning 1/4 Turn Right Step Right To Right Side. (9.00)
7&8Cross Shuffle Left, Right, Left.

Right Side Rock, Touch Behind Unwind, Rock fwd, Back Together, Step 1/2 Pivot.
1 - 2Rock Right To Right Side, Replace Weight On Left.
3 - 4Touch Right Toe Behind Left, Unwind 1/2 Right, (Weight On Right) (Facing 3.00)
5 - 6Rock Forward On Left, Replace Weight On Right, Step Left Together.
&78Step Forward Right, Pivot 1/2 Left, (Weight On Left) (Facing 9.00)

There are 2 restarts:
Wall 4 Dance the first 8 Counts, then restart Wall 5 facing 6 o’clock.

Wall 6 Dance the first 14 counts, then change Count 7&8 to 7 - 8,
7 – 8Cross Right Over Left, Turning 1/4 Turn Right, Step Back Left.
Ready to Restart Wall 7 On The Right Foot facing 9 o’clock.

Start Wall 10 facing 12 o’clock. At the end of Wall 10, on Count 31, step forward on Right.
On Count 32, Pivot ¼ turn Left to face 12 o’clock.

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