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First Thing First

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Phrased Intermediate / Advanced
Klara Wallman (SWE) & Lina Hökdahl (SWE) - May 2017
Believer - Imagine Dragons : (3:24)
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Sequence: A, A, A, B, A, A, B, A, Awith Restart, B.
Start on vocals, 16 counts intro.

Part A, 32 counts.
A1: Side, Sailor step, Behind, Side, Stepturn ½, ½ turn, Kick, Out, Out .
1-2&3Step L to L side (1), Step R behind L (2), Step L to L side (&), Step R to R side (3).
4&5Step L behind R (4), Step R to R side (&) Step L forward (5),
6-7Pivot ½ turn R (6), Turn ½ R step L back (7) (12.00)
8&1Kick R forward (8), Step R out (&), Step L out (1).

A2: Behind, Rock step, Behind, Side, Cross, Unwind ½.
2-3-4Step R behind L (2), Rock L to L side (3), Recover onto R (4).
5&6Step L behind R (5), Step R to R side (&), Cross L over R (6).
7-8Unwind ½ turn R, weight on L when finished (7-8). (6.00).

A3: Behind, Turn ¼, Turn ¼ with sway, Cross, Turn ¼.
1-2Step R behind L (1), Turn ¼ to L stepping L forward (2). (3.00)
3-4-5-6Turn ¼ L stepping R to R side as you sway body to R (3-4) Recover onto L (5-6). (12.00).
7-8Cross R over L (7), Turn ¼ R stepping L back (8). (3.00).

A4: Turn ¼, Hold, Step with sweep, step with sweep, Rockstep.
1-2Turn ¼ stepping R to R side (1), Hold (2). (6.00).
3-4-5-6Step L forward (3), Sweep R from back to front (4), Step R forward (5), Sweep L from front to back (6).
7-8Rock L forward (7), Recover onto R (8).

Part B, 64 counts.
B1: Side, Hold, Step, Hold (with arm movements), Walk x2, Out, Out.
1-2Step L to L side as you push R arm forward (palm facing forward, shoulder height) (1), Hold (2).
3-4Step R forward as you swipe R arm to R side (3), Hold (4).
5-6-7-8Step L forward (5), Step R forward (6), Step L out (7), Step R out (8).

B2: Arm movements, Back, Back, Touch (with arm movements).
1-2Reach R arm up (1), Put L hand in palm of R (as if you’re grateful) (2).
3-4Bring both hands down (to chest height) (3), Hold (4).
5-6Step R back as you bring R arm down to R side (palm facing forward) (5), Step L back as you bring L hand down to L side (palm facing forward) (6).
7-8Touch R behind L as you put the palms of your hands together (in chest height) (7), Hold (8).

B3: Back, Hold, Back with sweep (with arm movement), Behind, Turn ¼, Full turn.
1-2Step R back (1), Hold (2) (still with your palms together).
3-4Step L back as you sweep R from front to back, at the same time release your hands by pushing them forward and out on either sides (palm facing out) (3-4).
5-6-7-8Step R behind L (5), Turn ¼ L stepping L forward (6), Make a full turn L on L (7-8). (3.00).

B4: Back with drag, Back x2, Turn ¼ with sway, Step, Cross.
1-2Big step back on R (1), Drag L towards R (2).
3-4Step back on L (3), Step back on R (4).
5-6-7-8Turn ¼ L stepping L to L as you sway body to L (5-6), Recover onto R (7). Cross L over R (8).

B5: Turn ¼, Arm movements, Forward, Rock step, Turn ½.
1Turn ¼ L stepping R forward (make it sharp). Start raising R arm up. (9.00)
2-3-4Keep raising your R hand (2-3) Close your R hand (4).
5-6-7-8Step L forward (5), Rock R forward (6), Recover onto L (7), Turn ½ R stepping R forward (8). (3.00).

B6: Step with hitch, Step turn ½, Full turn, Hold.
1-2-3Step L forward (1), Hitch R knee up (2-3).
4-5Step R forward (4), Pivot ½ turn L (5) (9.00)
6-7-8Turn ½ L stepping R back (6), Turn ½, L stepping L forward (7). Hold (8). (9.00).

B7: Turn 1 ¼. Arm movement, Back x2, Rock step.
1-2Turn 1 ¼ L on L (1-2) (6.00)
3-4Step R to R side as you start to raise both arms out to either side (3), Continue raising your arms (4).
5-6-7-8Step R back (5), Step L Back (6), Rock R back (7-8)

B8: Recover, Full turn, Step with arm movements.
1-2Recover onto L (1-2)
3-4Turn ½ L stepping R back (3), Turn ½ L stepping L forward (4). (6.00)
5-6-7-8Step R forward as you place R hand on your heart (5), Place L hand on top of R hand (6), Look down (still hand on heart) (7), Hold (8).

* Restart after 16 counts on wall 9 facing 6.00.
Note: Transfer weight onto R before Restarting in to part B.


Last Update - 2nd June 2017


Irene HK June 14, 2017
This is really smooth & cool ~ just beautiful! Love it !!

Pismo June 18, 2017
THANK YOU for starting your demo with your backs to the camera.

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