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Flip That Switch

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Phrased Intermediate
Neville Fitzgerald (UK) & Julie Harris (UK) - July 2021
Let Them Know - Mabel
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Intro..16 Count on Vocals ..
Sequence A A B A B A A B B

Section A
Step, 1/4 Hitch, Side, Point, 1/4, 1/2, 1/2 Shuffle.
1-2Step forward on Left, hitch Right knee as you make 1/4 turn to Left.(push hip up) 9:00
3-4Step Right to Right side, point Left to Left side.(Torque body Right and look Right)
5-6Make 1/4 turn to Left stepping forward on Left, make 1/2 turn to Left stepping back on Right (12:00)
7&8Make 1/4 turn Left stepping Left to Left side, step Right next to Left, 1/4 turn Left stepping forward on Left. (6:00)

Rock Step, Ball Back, Sweep, Back, Sit, Step, Drag.
1-2&Rock forward on Right, recover on Left, step Right next to Left.
3-4Step back on Left, sweep Right from front to back.
5-6Step back on Right, tap Left toe in front of Right whilst sitting slightly.
7-8Step forward on Left, drag Right next to Left.

Rocking Chair, Step1/2 Pivot, Step 1/4 Pivot.
1-2Rock forward on Right, recover back on Left.
3-4Rock back on Right, recover on Left.
5-6Step forward on Right, make 1/2 pivot turn to Left.
7-8Step forward on Right, make 1/4 pivot turn to Left. (9.00)

Cross, Point, Back, Sweep, Sailor 1/2, Walk, Walk.
1-2Cross step Right over Left, point Left to Left side.
3-4Step back on Left, sweep Right from front to back.
5&6Make 1/4 turn Right cross stepping Right behind Left, step Left next to Right, 1/4 turn Right stepping forward on Right.
7-8Walk Left, Right. (3.00)

Section B
Step, 1/2, 3/4 unwind, Side, Rock, Back, Sweep.
1-2Step forward on Left, make 1/2 pivot to Right.(9.00)
3-4Step Left next to Right, slightly bend knees as you unwind 3/4 turn to Right (weight ending on Left.
5-6Rock Right to Right side, recover on Left.
7-8Step back on Right, sweep Left from front to back.

Behind, Side, Diagonal Cross Shuffle, Forward, Together, Back, Lock.
1-2Cross step Left behind Right, step Right to Right side.
3&4Cross step left over Right, step Right to Right side, cross step Left over Right.
( this cross shuffle is done on the diagonal travelling towards 10.30)
5-6Step forward on Right, step Left next to Right.
7-8Step back on Right, lock Left across Right. (Still facing 10.30)

Bounce Bounce, Kick Ball Step, Step, Hold, 1/2 Walk,Walk.
1-2Unwind 5/8 to Right as you bounce both heels (6.00 weight ends on Left)
3&4Kick Right forward, step Right next to Left, step forward on Left.
5-6Step forward on Right, hold. (extend Right arm and click when you hold)
7-8Make 1/2 turn to Left as you walk forward Left, Right.

Out, Out, Back, Touch, Step Lock, Step Lock Step.
1-2Step Left out to Left diagonal, step Right out to Right diagonal.
3-4Step back on Left, touch Right toe in front of Left.
5-6Step forward on Right, lock Left behind Right.
7&8Step forward on Right, lock Left behind Right, step forward on Right.

On the last B replace the last 4 counts of Section 4 to ..
Walk Walk 1/4 Hitch, Side .
5-6Walk Right, Walk Left.
7-8Make 1/4 turn to Left hitching Right lifting hip, step Right to Right pushing hip to Right side for finish at 12.00.


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