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Floor It

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Wayne Beazley (AUS) - August 2019
Floor It - Kadooh : (iTunes, Spotify)
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#16 count intro, Start feet together weight on L - No Tags/Restarts.

S 1: Side R, Hold & L tog, Rock Side R, Recover, Syncopated weave L, Cross, Pivot ¼ L
12&34Step R to side, Hold & Step L tog, Rock R to side, Recover
5&6&Step R across L & L to side, R behind L & L to Side
78Step R across L, Pivot ¼ L (taking weight on L) (9 o’clock)

S 2: Cross shuffle & Rock, Recover, L across, Big step R, Drag heel, L Sailor
1&2&Cross Shuffle R across L & Rock L to side
34Recover weight on R, Step L across R
56Take a Big step to R, Drag L heel towards R foot
7&8L Sailor step (Step L behind R & R to R, Step L to L )

S 3: R behind, ¼ L - Shuffle, Full turn fwd, Shuffle fwd ½ L, Back, Hitch
12&3Step R behind L, ¼ L Shuffle fwd LRL (6 o’clock)
45Step R fwd turning ½ L, ½ L- Step L fwd (6 o’clock)
6&7Shuffle fwd turning ½ L RLR (12 o’clock)
8Step L back hitching R slightly (keeping toe on floor)

S 4: R fwd, L fwd, Lock shuffle, L fwd, Pivot ¼ R & flick, Stomp, Hold/Clap & Flick
12Step R fwd, Step L fwd
3&4R Lock Shuffle fwd
56&Step L fwd, Pivot ¼ R (taking weight on R) & Flick L foot behind R (3 o’clock)
78Stomp L to side, Hold/Clap
&Flick R foot behind L

S 5: Stomp fwd & Flick, Stomp side & Heel Raise, Replace, Knee twist, Kick & Touch side L, Touch behind, Unwind ½ L
1&2&Stomp R foot fwd & flick L foot behind R, Stomp L to side & Raise both heels off
34Replace both heels on floor, Twist R knee towards L knee
5&6Kick R fwd & Step R tog, Touch L to side
78Touch L toe behind R, Unwind ½ L (9 o’clock)

S 6: Step, Touch fwd, Back, Coaster, Fwd L, Stomp Fwd, Turn ¼ L
123Step R fwd, Touch L toe fwd, Step L back
4&5R Coaster step (R back & step L tog, Step R fwd)
678Step L fwd, Stomp R fwd, Turn ¼ L taking weight onto L (6 oclock)

Last Update - 7 Aug. 2019


Squidgy August 2, 2019
Great to see your dances, Wayne. :-D Keep 'em comin'. :-D x

Beez August 3, 2019
Where are you from Squidgy?

Squidgy August 3, 2019
South West Uk. ...

Beez August 4, 2019

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