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Intermediate/Advanced level
Chris Godden (UK)
1,2Cross left over right (with right hand on left hip and left hand out to left side with palm facing forward), kick right foot out to right (switch hands)
3&4Hitch right while swinging right foot left right left (leaving left hand on right hip bringing right palm to side of head)
5&6Step back right, close left to right step forward right
78Hold, pivot ½ turn left taking weight onto left
1,2Forward right, forward left
3&4Flick right foot back, hitch right with ½ turn right on ball of left, step forward on right
5&6Touch left toe next to right, step left next to right, step forward on right
78Hitch left taking ¼ turn on ball of right (twist body to left to gain torque), pivot ½ turn left on ball of right (twisting body to right to help turn)
1,2Forward left, forward right
3,4Touch left toe forward, step back on left
5,6Touch right toe back, ½ turn right taking weight on right
7,8Skate diagonally forward left, right
1,2Dip left knee to right leg, roll left knee out taking ¼ left leaving weight on right
3,4Bend knees while rolling right shoulder up & back, straighten knees rolling left shoulder up & back
5&6Touch right toe forward bumping hips forward back forward taking weight onto right (shaking right shoulder down up down)
7&8Turn ¼ right on ball of right touching left to left side, turn ¼ right hitching left knee, turn ¼ right on ball of right touching left to left side
TAG: After 3rd wall, repeat 4 times to make 1 complete turn
12Forward left, touch right besides left with right knee turned in
3&4Swing right knee right-left-right while turning ¼ right taking weight onto right
On next wall replace last 4 counts with 1 ¼ paddle turn left flapping arms like a bird (step right next left on count 8)


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