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Follow Your Soul
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Sebastiaan Holtland (Netherlands) July 2011
Mr. Right Now by Pitbull Ft Akon [Version 2011] (03:10)
Start dancing after vocals on words “My Name Is” (08 Sec)

Sec 1: [1-8] Rock / Recover, 1/4 Turn R, Side, Knee Pop, Syncopated Elvis Knees L-R-L, Heel Flick
1-2Rock Rf forward, recover on Lf (12:00)
3&4Turn 1/4 right (3) step Rf to the right, lift heels off the Floor as you pop both knees forward drop both heels to floor take weight onto Rf
5&6&Pop L knee in, Lf replace, pop R knee in, Rf replace
7&8Pop L knee in, Lf replace, flick R heel up holding weight onto Lf (3:00)

Sec 2: [9-16] Cross, Turn 1/4 R, Back, Back, Fwd Stomp, Down Up, Down Up, Heel Dig
1-2Cross Rf over Lf, turn 1/4 right (6) step Lf back weight onto Lf
3-4Step Rf back, stomp Lf forward take weight onto both feet
5-6Dip body down, coming up weight onto Rf
7-8Dip body down, coming up push L heel forward (toe up) weight onto Rf (6:00)

Sec 3: [17-24] Step Lock, Lock Step Fwd, 1/2 Pivot L, 1/4 Pivot L
1-2Step Lf forward, lock Rf behind Lf weight onto Rf (6:00)
3&4Step Lf forward, lock Rf behind, step Lf forward weight onto Lf
5-6Step Rf forward, turn 1/2 left (12) take weight onto Lf
7-8Step Rf forward, turn 1/4 left (9) take weight onto Lf

Sec 4: [25-32] Cross, Side, Heel Jack, Hold, 1/4 Turn R, Replace, Step Forward, Hold, Sailor Fwd
1-2Cross Rf over Lf, step Lf to the left (9:00)
&3-4Step Rf diagonal back, touch Lf heel diagonal forward, Hold (holding weight onto Rf)
&5-6Step Lf back in place slightly next to Rf, turn 1/4 right (12) step Rf forward, Hold weight onto Rf
7&8Step Lf behind Rf, step Rf slightly forward, Step Lf slightly forward weight onto Lf (12)
Restarts Here: WALL 3/6 after 32 count 1st Restart (Facing 6 o’clock) 2nd Restart (Facing 12 o’clock)

Sec 5: [33-40] Kick, Back, 1/4 Body Rotation R, 1/4 Body Rotation L, Replace, Hitch, 1/4 Turn R, Side, Inside Heel Grind L, 1/4 Turn L, Replace
1-2Kick Rf forward, step Rf back weight onto Rf (12:00)
3-4Rotation your body 1/4 right (3) and extending your L leg (to point position), rotation your body 1/4 left (12) step Lf back in place
&5-6Hitch R knee up, turn 1/4 right (3) step Rf to the right, grind L heel inside to right (toes from front to right) holding weight onto Rf
7-8Return 1/4 left (toes from front to left) (12) step Lf back in place take weight onto Lf

Sec 6: [41-48] Kick, Back Touch, 1/4 Turn L, Kick Fwd, Point, Cross, 1/4 Turn R, Back, 1/4 Turn R, Big Side Step & Drag, Ball Lift
1&2Kick Rf forward, step Rf back in place, touch Lf back (12:00)
3&4Turn 1/4 left (9) kick Lf forward, step Lf back in place, point Rf out to right holding weight onto Lf
5-6Cross Rf over Lf, turn 1/4 right (12) step Lf back weight onto Lf
7&8Turn 1/4 right (3) step Rf big to the right and drag Lf up to Rf, step Lf next to Rf on the ball, Lift R knee up (3:00)

Start Again, Enjoy!

Contact: smoothdancer79@hotmail.com
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