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For A Second

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High Beginner
Sonja Vocke - September 2020
Michael Schulte - For a second
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**2 Restarts: after 16 counts on wall 3 and 9,
*1 Tag: 4 counts - at the end of wall 13
Intro: after 16 counts, starting with vocals, start with RF

Section 1 [1-8] Step Lock Step, Touch, Step Lock Step, Touch
1-2step RF fwrd. (1), lock LF behind RF (2)
3-4step RF fwrd. (3), touch LF next to RF (4)
5-6step LF fwrd. (5), lock RF behind LF (6)
7-8step LF fwrd. (7), touch RF next to LF (8)

Section 2 [9-16] Rocking Chair, Heal, Toe, Point, Hitch
1-2rock RF fwrd. (1), recover on LF (2)
3-4rock back RF (3), recover on LF (4)
5-6touch right heal fwrd. (5), touch rigth toe back (6)
7-8point right toe to right (7), hitch right knee up (8)
Restart the dance here at the end of walls 3 an 9
(you can hear it in the music, when it gets to the refrain)

Section 3 [17-24] Grapevine Right, Cross, Step ½ Turn L, Step ½ Turn L
1-2step RF right (1), step LF behind (2)
3-4step RF right (3), cross LF over RF (4)
5-6step RF fwrd. (5), turn ½ left on LF (6) 6:00
7-8step RF fwrd. (7), turn ½ left on LF (8) 12:00

Section 4 [25-32] Jazz Box ¼ Turn R, Cross, Step, Touch, Step, Touch
1-2cross RF over LF (1), step LF back (2)
3-4step RF right turning ¼ right (3) 3:00, cross LF over RF (4)
5-6step RF right (5), touch LF next to RF (6)
7-8step LF left (7), touch RF next to LF (8)

Easy 4-count-Tag at the end of wall 13
Stomp Out and hold for 3 counts, then start again
1-2stomp RF out (1), hold (2)
3-4hold (3), hold (4)
During holds change weight to LF, so you can start again with RF

Dance it and you will have fun every single second!

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