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For the Love of It

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Maddison Glover (AUS) - August 2022
For the Love of It - Texas Hill
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Introduction: Begin on the word “Love”

Side, Cross Rock/ Recover, Side, Cross Rock/ Recover, ¼ Sweep, Cross, Side, Back Rock / Recover, ½ Turn Hinge
1,2&Step R to R side (slightly into R diagonal 1:30), cross rock L over R, recover weight back onto R
3,4&Step L to L side (slightly into L diagonal 10:30), cross rock R over L, recover weight back onto L
5Turn ¼ R stepping R fwd as you sweep L fwd/ around (3:00)
6&7&Cross L over R, step R to R side, rock back onto L (slightly behind R), recover weight fwd onto R
8&Turn ¼ R stepping L back (6:00), turn ¼ R stepping R to R side (9:00)

Cross Rock/ Recover, Side, Weave ¼, Out, Out, Back, Cross, Point, Touch, Side, Touch
1,2&Cross rock L over R, recover weight back onto L, step L to L side
3&4&Cross R over L, step L to L side, cross R behind L, turn ¼ L stepping L fwd (6:00)
5&Step R fwd/out into R diagonal, step L fwd/out into L diagonal (5& up on tippy toes)
6&Step R back, cross L over R (slightly bend L knee for balance)
7&8&Point R out to R side, touch R beside L, large step R to R side, touch L beside R

Sway, Sway, Full Turn Run-Around, Hitch, Forward, Mambo Forward with Sweep Back
1,2Step L to L side as you sway hips L, sway hips R
3&4&Full turn (L) run-around in a circle stepping L, R, L, R (6:00)
5,6Step L fwd as you hitch R knee up, step R fwd
7&8Rock L fwd, recover weight back onto R, step L back as you sweep R back/ around
Note 1: During the chorus on count 2; push both hands/palms down at R hip “lyric: “shove it”.
Note 2: During the chorus on count 5; raise both arms up above head “lyric: rise”. Lower on count 6.

Behind, Side, Cross, Side Rock/ Recover, Cross, Side, Together, Cross, ¼ Back, ½ Forward, ¼ Side, 1/8 Back Rock/ Recover
1&2Cross R behind L, step L to L side, cross R over L
3&4Rock L out to L side, recover weight onto R, cross L over
&5Step R to R side (opening body into 4:30), close L beside R (pop R knee to ensure weight is on L)
6&Cross R over as you square up to 6:00, turn ¼ R stepping L back (9:00) ** ¼ turn R to RESTART **
7&Turn ½ R stepping R fwd (3:00), turn ¼ R stepping L to L side (6:00)
8&Rock R back as you turn 1/8 R (7:30), recover weight onto L

RESTART: During the first sequence, dance to count 6& of section 4; make ¼ turn R to start the dance again facing 12:00.

FINISH: Continue dancing until you finish the dance facing 12:00.

The lyrics in this song really spoke to me and I feel as though many of us can also connect to the lyrics. I asked dancers online how dancing made them feel and why they dance. The responses were overwhelming and as a result, I decided to put their answers on my latest merchandise.
“You gotta do it for the love of it”

FB: Maddison Glover Line Dance


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