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Forever For Evigt
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Phrased Easy Intermediate
Annette Dida Nielsen - Denmark (July 2016)
For Evigt by Vollbeat, Johan Olsen. (Album: Seal The Deal & Let's Boogie)
Intro: 80 counts

Part A:
Wall 3 - Restart after 16 counts (12:00)
Wall 6 - Restart after 8 counts (06:00)
Wall 9 - Restart after 16 counts (06:00)
Wall 12 - Restart after 8 counts (12:00)
Part B:
After wall 2 – Rocking chair R and Hold for 4 counts (3 without music)

Ending: Wall 20 – First 25 counts then point back R, ½ turn R

Part A: 32 COUNTS
A[1 – 8] Vine ¼ R, Hold, Step ¼ R, Cross, Hold
1-2Step R to R side, cross L behind R,
3-4Turn ¼ R stepping fwd on R, Hold
5-6Step L fwd, make ¼ R
7-8Cross L over R, Hold
(Restart wall 6 and 12)

A[9 – 16] Rocking Chair R, Step 1/2 L, Step fwd R L
1-2Rock fwd R, recover L
3-4Rock back R, recover L
5-6Step fwd R, turn ½ L
7-8Step fwd R L
(Restart wall 3 and 9)

A[17 – 24] Back R, Cross L, Back R, Back L, Cross R, Back L, ½ turn R, Step fwd L
1-2Step R back, Cross L over R
3-4Step R back, Step L back
5-6Cross R over L, Step L back
7-8Make ½ R, Step L fwd

A[25 – 32] Kick R, Twist heels R, Kick L, Twist heels L
1-2Kick R, Step R next to L
3-4Twist both heels to R, Recover to center
5-6Kick L, Step L next to R
7-8Twist both heels to L, Recover to center

Part B: 24 COUNTS
B[1 – 8] Rock fwd R, Back point R, ½ turn R, Rock fwd L, Back point L, ½ turn L
1-2Rock R fwd, Recover on L
3-4Point R toe back, make ½ turn R (weight on R)
5-6Rock L fwd, Recover on R
7-8Point L toe back, make ½ turn L (weight on L)

B[9 – 16] Sweep R, Step side L, Behind side cross, Sweep L, Step side R, Behind side cross
1-2Sweep R over L, Step L to L side
3&4Cross R behind L, Step L to L side, Cross R over L
5-6Sweep L over R, Step R to R side
7&8Cross L behind R, Step R to R side, Cross L over R

B[17 – 24] Step ½ turn L, Shuffle fwd R, Step ½ turn R, Shuffle fwd L
1-2Step fwd R, turn ½ L
3&4Step forward on R, Close L next to R, Step forward on R
5-6Step fwd L, turn ½ R
7&8Step forward on L, Close R next to L, Step forward on L

A - A - A with restart after 16 counts
A - A - A with restart after 8 counts
A - A - A with restart after 16 counts
A - A - A with restart after 8 counts
B – B – Tag 4 counts + 4 “counts” without music
A – A – A – A – A with ending

To Vibeke

Contact: annettedida@gmail.com

Last Update – 10th Aug 2016

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