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Freak A Little More

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Scott Blevins (USA) - September 2011
Dance to the Music - Sly & The Family Stone & : (Album: Different Strokes By Different Folks)
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48 count intro to start after the loud scream “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

[1 – 8]
1-21-2) Walk forward R, L
3&43) Kick R forward; &) Step R next to L; 4) Point L to left
5-65) Step L across R; 6) Step R to right (feet shoulder width apart);
NOTE: With arms at sides, bounce shoulders 5&6.
&7&8&) With weight on R foot and R knee slightly bent, open body slightly to left diagonal and lift pelvis; 7) Bump hips down and to the right; &) Lift pelvis; 8) Bump hips down and to the right

&1-2&) Lift L knee making a ¼ turn left [9:00]; 1-2) Walk forward L, R
3&43) Rock forward L; &) Recover weight back on R; 4) Turn ¼ left stepping side left [6:00]
5-65) Step R across L; 6) Turn ¼ right stepping back L [9:00]
7&87) Turn ¼ right stepping side R [12:00]; &) Step together L; 8) Step side R

&1-2&) Turn ½ right on R foot; 1) Step L to left and look over left shoulder at the same time [6:00]; 2) Bounce L heel
3-43) Turn ½ right taking weight onto R foot [12:00]; 4) Step L to left
5&5) Step R behind L; &) Lift L knee and make a ¼ turn left on R foot [9:00]
6&7-86&7) Coaster Step, L-R-L; 8) Step forward R
Note: (make 5-& one smooth motion) Think to yourself “Fiiiiiiiiiive, 6&7-8”

&1-2 &1) Pushing off R foot, do a small jump to left, landing on L foot on the 1, with L knee bent slightly and body opened slightly to left diagonal; 2) Turn ¼ right stepping forward on R [12:00]
3-43) Step L forward 4) Pivot ½ turn right taking weight on R [6:00]
5-65) Step forward L; 6) Step forward R
7&87) Turn ½ left stepping L across R [12;00]; &) Step ball of R next to L; 8) Turn ¼ left stepping forward L [9:00]

Tag – After 7th wall: When you have completed your 7th wall, you will be facing the original 3 O’clock wall.
[1 – 8]
1-41-3) Walk forward R-L-R; 4) Turn ¼ right stepping L to left, pushing hips to left (feet shoulder width apart) facing original 6 O’clock wall
5-85-8) Keeping knees straight, push hips R-L-R-L

[9 -16]
1-41-3) Turn ¼ right and walk forward R-L-R, facing original 9 O’clock wall; 4) Turn ¼ right stepping L to left (feet shoulder width apart) facing original 12 O’clock wall
5-85-8) With knees bent and upper body bent forward from waist up, shake hips side to side with attitude.

Ending: After the last wall you will be facing the original 9 O’clock wall on count 32. After completing count 32,
Make a ¼ turn right stepping R foot to right side and hit a pose to face Original 12 O’clock wall.

Have fun!!!!!!!

Copyright © 2011 Scott Blevins ( All rights reserved
Internet Video Rights assigned to Edie Driskill (


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