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Freight Baby!

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M. Vasquez (Sept 2014)
'My Baby Thinks She's A Train' – The Dean Brothers
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Dance starts on the word ‘train’

Section 1: Dorothy Steps (x2) (Diagonally Forward-Lock Behind & Side), Heel Switches, Touch, Clap
1, 2&Step R diagonally forward R, lock L behind R and step R to R side,
3, 4&Step L diagonally forward L, lock R behind L and step L to L side
5&6Touch R heel diagonally forward, step R foot next to L, touch L heel diagonally forward
&7Step L foot next to R, touch R toe next to L foot
&8Clap hands twice

Section 2: R Diagonal Hip Bumps, L Diagonal Hip Bumps, Side, Touch, Back, Kick
1&2Step R foot forward to the R diagonal (bumping R hip forward), bump L hip back, bump R hip forward
3&4Step L foot forward to the L diagonal (bumping L hip forward), bump R hip back, bump L hip forward
5-6Step R foot to R side, touch L toe next to R foot
7-8Step back on L foot, kick R foot forward

Section 3: R Shuffle Forward, Step, ½ Pivot, Step, ½ Pivot, Cross, Step Back
1&2Step R foot forward, step L foot next to R, step R foot forward
3-4Step L foot forward, pivot ½ turn R
5-6Step L foot forward, pivot ½ turn R
7-8Cross L foot over R foot, step back on R foot

Section 4: ¼ Turn and Step, Brush, Cross, Back, Side and Hip Bumps, Hip Bumps
1-2Turn ¼ turn L, stepping forward on L foot, brush R foot forward
3-4Cross R foot over L foot, step back on L foot
5&6Step R foot to the R side, (bumping R hip to the R side), bump L hip to the L side, bump R hip to the R side
7&8Bump L hip to L side, bump R hip to R side, bump L hip to L side


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