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French Nights
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Brenda Shatto (USA) Oct. 2015
Ces Soirées Là by Yannick, Album: C'est ça qu'on aime, 2000 [3:22 minutes, 116 bpm]
Notes: One 16 count Tag at end of wall 7. See description below. Use of the “a” count instead of the “&” count fits the music better in places.

Intro: 32 counts (Start on first strong beat 16 counts AFTER lyrics begin)

[1-8] Samba circle turning left
1&2Cross L over right (towards 1:30), turn ⅛ left and step R back, turn ⅛ left stepping L back (10:30)
3&4Step R back, turn ⅛ left stepping L to left (squaring up to 9:00), turn ⅛ left stepping R over left (7:30)
5&6Step L forward, turn ⅛ left stepping R to right (squaring up to 6:00), turn ⅛ left stepping L back (4:30)
7&8Step R back, turn ⅛ left stepping L to left (squaring up to 3:00), turn ⅛ left stepping R over left (1:30)

[9-16] Step, pivot, rock, recover together, walk x3, shoulder pops
1,2Step L forward, pivot ⅜ right stepping forward R (6:00)
3&4Rock forward on L, recover on R, step L next to R
5,6,7Walk forward R, L, R (leave L foot back on count 7)
&8Pop R shoulder then L (or clap twice)

[17-24] Rock back, side, side, back, forward, walk x2, forward R mambo step
(Counts 1-3& make a gradual ½ turn left keeping feet in place )
1,2Rock back on L, turn ¼ left and rock to R foot (3:00)
3&4Begin to turn ¼ left and rock to L foot, rock to R, step L in place finishing 1/4 turn left. (12:00)
5,6Walk forward R, L
7&8Rock forward on R, recover to L, step R back

[25-32] Body roll, step back, point, ⅛ left turning sailor (x2)
1,2Step L back and body roll head/chest downward over 2 counts, R remains forward
3,4Step R back, point L to left
5&6Turn ⅛ left crossing L behind R, step R to right, step L to left (10:30)
7&8Turn ⅛ left crossing R behind L, step L to left, step R to right (9:00)

Begin again.

Thanks to my friend, Andy, for the song suggestion.

Tag: Counts 9-22 with slight step variation on counts 23-24
At the end of wall 7, facing 3:00, repeat counts 9-22.
Do the step forward (count 9), pivot ⅜ right (count 10) to face the 9:00 wall then continue dancing up to count 22. Replace the mambo step (counts 23&24) with a forward triple step: 7&8 Step R forward, step left next to right, step R forward. Restart the dance from the beginning with the samba circle. You will Restart facing 3:00 for wall 8.
Please do not alter this step sheet in any way. If you would like to use it on your website, it must be used in its original format. Contact the choreographer with your questions.

Contact: brendas@winecountrylinedance.com ~ www.winecountrylinedance.com

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