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Full Moon Friday

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Maureen Rowell (UK) & John "Grrowler" Rowell (UK) - December 2013
Full Moon Friday - Brittany Spriggs : (CDX, Vol. 579 - iTunes)
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Intro: 24 counts / 17 seconds, Start on main vocals

Numbers in square brackets [ ] indicate facing wall. Start facing [12]

[1-8] Right heel - hook, heel flick, Right shuffle. Step half pivot. Step half pivot.
1&Tap right heel forward, (&)hook right across left [12]
2&Tap right heel forward, (&)flick right to right [12]
3&4Shuffle forward (R.L.R) [12]
5-6Step left forward, pivot half turn right [6]
7-8Step left forward, pivot half turn right [12]

[9-16] Left heel - hook, heel flick, Left shuffle. Step half pivot. Step half pivot.
1&2Tap left heel forward, (&)hook left across right [12]
2&Tap left heel forward, (&)flick left to left [12]
3&4Shuffle forward (L.R.L) [12]
5-6Step right forward, pivot half turn left [6]
7-8Step right forward, pivot half turn left [12]

[17-24] Right scissor step. Left scissor step. Syncopated weave. Half monterey turn
1&2Step right to right, (&)step left next to right, cross right over left [12]
3&4Step left to left, (&)step right next to left, cross left over right [12]
5&6&Step right to right, (&)cross left behind right, step right to right, (&) cross left in front of right [12]
7&8Tap right to right, (&) pivot half turn right stepping right next to left, tap left to left. [6]

[25-32] Left sailor step. Right sailor ¼ turn. Step ¼ cross. ¼ turn - ¼ turn - touch
1&2Cross left behind right, (&)step right to right, step left to left [6]
Restart here on wall 5, facing [6]
3&4Cross right behind left turning quarter right, (&)step left to left. Step right to right [9]
5&6Step forward on left (&)pivot quarter turn right, cross left over right [12]
7&8Turn quarter left stepping back on right, (&) turn quarter left stepping left to left, touch right next to left [6]

Start again………………with a BIG smile

Ending – On the last wall replace counts 31&32 with
7&Turn quarter left stepping back on right, (&) half turn left stepping left forward,
8Quarter turn left stepping right to right
Finish facing [12]

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