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Amy Auger & Dee Blansett (USA) - September 2015
Feel It (feat. Mr. Talkbox) - TobyMac
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#32 Count Intro

S1: Big Step Right Back, Hold, Ball Walk-Walk, Big Step Forward Touch - Twice
1-2Big Step Right Back (1), Hold (2)
&3-4Step Left back together (&), Walk forward Right (3), Walk forward Left (4)
5-6Big Step Right diagonally forward right (5), Touch Left beside right (6)
7-8Big Step Left diagonally forward left (7), Touch Right beside left (8)

S2: Push Steps (Right & Left), Walk Back R, L, Touch Right Toe Back, Unwind-Turn ¼ Turn Right
1-2Push and Lean out toward Right side right (1), Recover weight to Right (2)
3-4Push and Lean out toward Left side left (3), Recover weight to Left (4)
5-6Walk backwards: Right (5), Left (6)
7-8Touch Right toe back (7), Unwind ¼ turn to the right – weight on Left (8) 3:00

S3: Right Rocking-Chair, Jazzbox with ¼ Turn Right & Touch
1-4Rock forward on Right (1), Recover Left (2), Rock back on Right (3), Recover Left (4)
5-8Cross/Step Right over left (5), Step back on Left (6), Step Right ¼ turn side right (7), Touch Left beside right (8) weight on Right 6:00

S4: Left Rocking-Chair, Jazzbox with ¼ Turn Left & Touch
1-4Rock forward on Left (1), Recover Right (2), Rock back on Left (3), Recover Right (4)
5-8Cross/Step Left over right (5), Step back on Right (6), Step Left ¼ turn side left (7), Touch Right beside Left (8) weight on Left 3:00
** 4 Count Tag here on Wall 7 (tag faces 9:00) ** After the tag, RESTART the dance from the beginning

S5: Right Side-Together Side Shuffle; Cross/Rock Recover, Shuffle Back Left
1-2Step Right side right (1), Step Left together (2),
3&4Shuffle to the side: R (3), L (&), R (4)
5-6Cross/Rock Left over right (5), Recover onto Right (6)
7&8Shuffle diagonally back left: Left (7), Right (&), Left (8)

S6: Step Back Touch - Twice, Sway R, L, R L
1-2Step Right diagonally back right (1), Touch Left beside right (2)
3-4Step Left diagonally back left (3), Touch Right beside left (4)
5-8Sway: R (5), L (6), R (7), L (8) 3:00


TAG: 4 Count Tag on Wall 7 after dancing 32 counts (Tag faces 9:00): Be Creative, Feel the Music!

Easier Tag suggestion: Gentle sway. Harder Tag suggestion: Point to right, Cross, Unwind full turn over left.

Additional comment: We chose to end the dance around the 4 minute mark when the song stops for several seconds.
You can continue dancing when the music starts back up if you’d like.

Amy Auger, Parma, OH -
Dee Blansett, Concord, OH -


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