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William Sevone (UK) - August 2016
"Havana (remix)" (123 bpm)... Kenny G (many compilations / iTunes-Amazon)
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Choreographers note:- The music is of mixed rhythm .. and the dance - tight and fast. Ideal as an introduction
to Intermediate level dancing.
Dance Tip: To keep fluidity within the dance - the steps need to be ‘light and bouncy’.
Always remember - 'The beat may reach your feet - but the rhythm should electrify your soul'.
Dance starts on the 2nd heavy beat at aprox 36 seconds from start of intro – 4 counts after the 1st. heavy beat.

2x Diagonal Touch-Step Together. 1/4 Side Rock. Recover. 1/4 Rock-Rock-1/4 Side (3:00)
1 – 2Turn diagonally left (10.30) & touch right toe diagonally right. Turn to face forward (12) & step right next to left.
3 – 4Turn diagonally right (1.30) & touch left toe diagonally left. Turn to face forward (12) & step left next to right
5 – 6Turn ¼ left (9) & rock right to right side. Recover onto left
7& 8Turn ¼ left (6) & rock right to right side, rock onto left, turning ¼ left (3) step right to right side.

Back Touch. Side. 3/4 Cha Cha. Rock. Recover. Coaster (12:00)
9 – 10Touch left toe across back of right. Step left to left side.
11& 12Cha Cha Cha turn ¾ right (12) stepping R.L-R– moving very slightly forward.
13 – 14Rock forward onto left. Recover onto right..
15& 16Step backward onto left, step right next to left, step forward onto left.
RESTART: Wall 4 – facing 9:00

2x Side-Diagonal Rock-Recover. Chasse (12:00)
17 – 18Step right to right side. Rock left diagonally right.
19 – 20Recover onto right. Step left to left side.
21 – 22Rock right diagonally left. Recover onto left.
22& 24with small steps - Step right to right side, step left next to, step right to right side.

Cross. Back. 1/4 Rock-Rock-1/4 Fwd. 1/4 Side. Back Touch. Side Touch. Together (3:00)
25 – 26Cross left over right. Step backward onto right
27& 28Turn ¼ left (9) & rock left to left side, rock onto right, turn ¼ left (6) & step forward onto left.
29 – 30Turn ¼ left (3) & step right to right side. Touch left toe across back of right.
31 – 32Touch left to left side. Step left next to right.

DANCE FINISH: Wall 12 count 24 facing (9:00). To finish facing ‘Home’ (12) Wall do the following
Dance up to and including Count 20 then include a ¼ turn right into Count 21 and continue to Count 24

REMEMBER: ‘Keep The Steps ‘Light and Bouncy’.. ‘


cheinric August 3, 2016
hope there will be a video to this new dance???

Christina Yang August 4, 2016
I'm really love this music~♡ Beautiful and wonderful choreography~��

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