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Galway Girl

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Manuela Weniger (DE) - July 2017
Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran
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Intro: 16 Counts

Step, Hitch, Press Forward, Hitch, Press Back, Hitch, Step, Press Forward 2x, ¼ Turn Left/Side, Hip Bumps Left & Right, Hitch
1Step RF forward
&2Hitch left knee up (&), press LF forward
&3Hitch left knee up (&), press LF back
&4Hitch left knee up (&), step LF forward
5&6Tap RF forward, tap RF forward (&), turn ¼ left, step RF to right (9:00)
7–8&Push hip to left, push hip to right, hitch left knee up (&)

Chassé Left, Vaudeville Left, Vaudeville Right with ¼ Turn Left, Funky Walks Back L/R &
1&2Step LF to left side, step RF next to LF (&), step LF to left side
3&4&Cross RF over LF, LF small step to side (&), touch right heel forward, Step RF next to LF (&)
5&6Cross LF over RF, Turn ¼ left stepping back with RF (&) touch left heel forward (6:00)
7LF step back/touch right heel forward (turning toes to right)
8RF step back/touch left heel forward (turning toes to left)
&Step LF next to RF

Out Out with Knee Rolls, Toe-Heel-Toe Swivels, Step, Twist, Back, Close, Jump
1Step RF to right side/roll knee from left to right,
2Step LF to left side/roll knee from right to left
3&4Swivel both toes in, both heels in (&), both toes back to center (Weight is on LF)
5&6Step RF forward, twist both heels to right side (&), twist heels back to center (Weight is on LF)
7&8Step RF back, step LF next to RF (&), jump forward on both feet (weight on LF)

Hitch, Cross, Point, Hitch, Cross, Point & Point, Hitch, Point, ¼ Sailor Turn Left with Heel &
&1-2Hitch right knee up (&), cross RF over LF (1), point LF to left side (2)
&3-4Hitch left knee up (&), cross LF over RF (3), point RF to right side (4)
&5&6Step RF next to LF (&), point LF to left, hitch left knee up (&) point LF to left
7&8Cross LF behind RF - ¼ turn left, RF small step to the right side (&), touch left heel forward (3:00)
&Step LF next to RF (&)

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