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Gang Kelinci

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Rarayanti Marwan (INA) - March 2013
Gang Kelinci - Lilis Suryani
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Easy & typical movements among tags
Intro : 48 counts,
Dance should be started at JakarTA.....

SECTION 1: Side, Cross, Recover, Chasse ¼ right, step pivot ¼ R Turn, shuffle lock fwd
1,2,3Step L to left side, Cross R over L, Recover on L
4&5Step R to right side, Step L next to R, Step R fwd making a ¼ turn right, [3.00]
6,7Step L fwd, pivot ¼ R turn step R to side [weight on R],[6.00]
8&1Step L fwd, Lock R behind L, Step L fwd [6.00]

SECTION 2: ¼ L Turn, ¼ L Turn, Cross shuffle, dia L Hip bump, dia R hip bump
2,3Step R fwd 1/4Lturn [9.00], step L ¼ L Turn to L side [12.00]
4&5R cross over L, L side on L, R cross over L
6&7touch L fwd diagonal, while hip bump R,L,R
8&1touch R fwd diagonal, while hip bump L,R,L

SECTION 3: Rocking chair, L Heel fwd-side-fwd
2,3,4,5L Rocking Chair (at 5, weight on R)
6L heel in front of R (toe pointing to left), while bending right knee
7L heel side on L, while slightly straightening right knee (still weight on R)
8L heel in front of R (toe pointing to left), while bending right knee (WOR)
[for 6,7,8 : swing your left foot according to the instruction, while WOR. The movement is adopted from Batavia/Jakarta traditional dance.
Batavia hand styling : open/straightening both hand to both sides with both palms, facing backward, put them back in front of chest, and push outward again]

SECTION 4: Side, Jazzbox cross ¼ R, Heel, back, heel, back, cross
1Step L to side [12.00]
2, 3,4R cross over L, step L back ¼ R turn, R side on R (3.00)
5L cross over R
6&7&R heel fwd, R step back, L heel fwd, L steep back
8R step across R

4 Tags but simple and typical movements
TAG 1: facing [6.00] After wall 2: 4 counts
Forward, coaster cross & shuffle
1L fwd, R backwd, L backwd next to R, R cross L, L side on L, R cross L
2& 3R backwd, L backwd next to R, R cross over L
& 4L side on L, R cross L

TAGS 2 and 4: facing [9.00, 6.00 ] After wall 3, 7 : 8 counts
Tag 2, 4 = tag 1 plus sway LRLR

TAG 3 & Restart
Facing [3.00] at wall 6 short 17 counts, add 3 counts tag (similar to 3 counts of tag 1) and restart
Forward, Coaster Cross
1Lstep fwd
2& 3R back, L backward next to R, R cross over L

For song, please email : , phone : +62817772508
youtube :

Enjoy the dance..!

A well famous song origins from Jakarta (Batavia) Indonesia



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