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Marla Wallace - March 2020
Gaslighter - The Chicks
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Start dance after 32 counts – (We moved to California)

(1x8) Lindy Right, Lindy Left
1&2,3,4To the right side, right, left, right; Rock left foot behind the right; rock forward on the right
5&6,7,8To the left side, left, right, left; Rock right foot behind the left; recover forward on the left

(2x8) Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Shuffle ½ turn, Rock Right Side, Recover Left
1&2,3,4Moving forward, right, left, right; rock forward left, rock back, recover on the right
5&6,7,8Shuffle ½ turn left, right, left; rock right foot to the right side, recover left

(3x8) Crossing Shuffle, Rock Recover Right, Crossing Shuffle, Rock Recover Left
1&2,3,4Cross the right over the left and step right, left, right; rock left to the left side, recover right to right side
5&6,7,8Cross the left over the right foot and step left, right, left; rock right to the left, recover left to left side

(4x8) Paddle ¼ turn, Jazz Square
1,2,3,4Step and turn 1/8th turn, down to the left and turn to the left; step right and turn 1/8th turn, recover on the left
5,6,7,8Cross the right over the left, step back on the left; right foot to the right side; left foot beside the right foot

**Two restarts
*4th pattern is only 24 counts
*8th pattern is only 24 counts

Ending (12 o’clock wall)
Right, left, right (instead of paddle left turn)


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