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Get 'Em Up

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Candee Seger (Dec 2014)
Get 'Em Up by Nickleback (No Fixed Address CD)
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*Dance begins after 42 counts of song (26 seconds in)

[1-8]: Cross & Heel & Cross & Heel & Step Swivel 2X, Hitch R, walk back R, L
1&2&: Cross R over L, step L side, Heel R (diagonal R), step R side
3&4&: Cross L over R, step R side, heel left (diagonal L), step L to side
5&6: Step R forward angled slightly to R in front of L, Swivel both heels R, L
&7,8: hitch R, walk back R, L (with attitude)

[9-16]: Anchor step RLR, step L forward 1/4 turn R, cross L over R, toe switches, big step, L drag
1&2: In place anchor step RLR (leaning slightly back with attitude)
3&4: step L forward turn ¼ R (weight on R), cross L over R (weight on L)
5&6: point R to R side, ball R home, point L to L side
&7,8: ball L home, Big step forward on R, drag L to meet R (weight stays on R) (3:00 o’clock)

[17-24]: Step L touch R w/body roll to left, Step R touch L w/ C bump, ball hook 3/4 turn, step L forward, touch R
1,2: step L w/ side body roll to L, touch R next to L
3&4: touch ball of R to R & lift hip slightly up to R, step on R foot while hip goes to L center, finish bump to lower R as you touch L next to R
&5,6: ball of L to (L) hook R behind L, 3/4 turn R (2 counts)
7,8: L forward, touch R next to L (12:00 o'clock)

[25-32]: R Kick step lock step, L rock recover R, 1/2 turn, 1/2 turn, 1/2 turn shuffle
1&2&: Kick R forward, step R, lock L, step R
3,4: Rock L forward, recover R
5,6: 1/2 turn L (onto L foot), 1/2 turn L (onto R foot)
7&8: 1/2 turn shuffle L (LRL) (6:00 o’clock)

TAG: The 1st tag begins at 12:00 (5th wall), 2nd tag begins at 12:00 o'clock (8th wall). Both tags result in the dance resuming at 6:00 o’clock for walls 5 and 8.
R Rocking chair, R lock step, step L turn ½ R
1,2,3,4: R rock forward, recover home, rock R back, recover home
5&6: R forward, L lock behind R, step R forward
7,8: step L forward, pivot ½ R

L rocking chair, L jazz box, low kick R
1,2,3,4: L rock forward, recover home, L rock back, recover home
5,6: L cross over R, R step back,
7,8: L step side, Low R kick forward


Last Update – 29th Dec 2014

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