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Get It Right

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Maddison Glover (AUS) - June 2018
Hard Not to Love It - Steve Moakler : (3:20)
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Dance begins on lyrics (16 seconds )

Fwd, Tap, Back, Kick, Coaster, Fwd, Tap, Back, Sweep, Behind, Side, Cross
1&2&Step R fwd, tap L toe behind R, step L back, kick R fwd
3&4&Step R back, step L together, step fwd on R, hold
5&6&Step L fwd, tap R toe behind L, step R back, sweep L around anti-clockwise
7&8&Cross L behind R, step R to R side, cross L over R, hold

Vine ¼, ¼ Hitch, Vine ¼, Fwd, Hitch, Mambo Fwd, Kick, Coaster
1&2Step R to R side, cross L behind R, turn ¼ R stepping fwd on R (3:00)
&3&Turn ¼ R hitching L knee up slightly (6:00), step L to L side, cross R behind L
4&Turn ¼ L stepping fwd onto L (3:00), hitch R knee up slightly
5&6&Rock fwd onto R, recover weight back onto L, step back onto R, kick L fwd
7&8&Step back on L, step R together, step fwd on L, scuff R fwd (3:00)

Fwd, Pivot ½, Fwd, Pivot ¼, 2x Vaudevilles
1,2Step fwd onto R, pivot ½ turn L keeping weight on L (9:00)
3,4Step fwd on R, pivot ¼ turn L keeping weight on L (6:00)
5&6Cross R over L, step L to L side, touch R heel fwd into R diagonal
&7&Step R beside L, cross L over R, step R to R side
8&Touch L heel fwd into L diagonal, step L together

Fwd, Lock, Fwd, Scuff, Fwd, Lock, Fwd, Scuff, Turning ¼ Jazz Box
1&2&Step fwd on R, lock L behind R, step fwd on R, scuff L fwd
3&4&Step fwd on L, lock R behind L, step fwd on L, scuff R fwd
5,6Cross R over L, turn 1/8 R stepping back on L (7:30)
7,8Turn 1/8 R stepping R to R side (9:00), step L fwd

Restart: During the third sequence you will begin the dance facing 6:00.
Dance up to count 16 and restart facing 9:00.

EASY Tags: Complete the following after the 4th sequence (facing 6:00) and after the 6th Sequence (facing 12:00).
1&Step R fwd into R diagonal, touch L beside R (clap together)
2&Step L back into L diagonal, touch R beside L (clap together)
3&Step R back into R diagonal, touch L beside R (clap together)
4&Step L fwd into L diagonal, touch R beside L (clap together)

Contact: - Mobile: +61430346939

Choreographed for the Feathertop Stomp 2018 (Victoria, Australia)


KathrBoots June 18, 2018
great dance - makes you want to! Kath

hopalong January 31, 2019
Still a brill dance and gets me to my feet pronto.

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