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Get Some Honey (P)

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Beginner - Partner
Greg Van Zilen (USA) - February 2014
Silver Lining - Kacey Musgraves
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Step description by Outta Line Country Dance Instruction

Starting Position: Man facing front wall, lady facing back wall offset with right hands joined palm to palm
Intro: 32 count. Same Footwork.

Forward, touch, back, heel, slow coaster, brush
1,2Step left foot forward; touch right toe next to left foot.
3,4Step right foot back; touch left heel forward.
5,6,7Step left foot back; step right foot next to left; step left foot forward.
8Brush right foot forward.

Step, hold, turn ½, hold, step, hold, turn ½, hold
9,10Step right foot forward; hold.
11,12Turn ½ left weighting left foot; hold.
13,14Step right foot forward; hold.
15,16Turn ½ left weighting left foot; hold.
Hands: Release hands on count 9, rejoining on count 16.
Note: Option to snap fingers or clap hands on hold counts.

(1/2 circle) Heel strut, heel strut, walk, walk, walk, brush
17Using hands as an imaginary pole begin a ½ circle clockwise stepping right heel forward.
18Drop right toe.
19,20Step left heel forward; drop left toe.
21,22Step right foot forward; step left foot forward.
23,24Step right foot forward; brush left foot forward.

Box (partners pass back to back then front to front)
25,26Step left foot forward; touch right toe next to left foot.
27,28Step right foot to side; step left foot next to right.
29,30Step right foot back; touch left toe next to right foot.
31,32Step left foot to side; step right foot next to left.
Hands: Release right hands on count 25, rejoining on count 32.
Note: Make side steps large enough to be sure to exchange sides with partner.

Contact: Greg & Samantha Van Zilen (860) 537-5849 -


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