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Get Ugly

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Jonno Liberman (USA) - June 2015
Get Ugly - Jason Derulo
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Dance begins after 16 counts.

[1-8] Sway Hips x3, Step L Together, Step Right, 1/4 Sailor Step with Sweep, Press, Hitch (9:00)
1, 2Sway hips to right, Sway hips to left
3&4Sway hips to right, Step L next to R, Step R to right
5&6Cross L behind R, Turn 1/8 left as you step R next to L, Turn 1/8 left as you step L forward (9:00)
7, 8Press R forward, Hitch R

[9-16] Triple Back with Hitch x2, Rock, Recover, Step, Spin*, Step (9:00)
1&2Step R back, Step L together, Step R back as you hitch L
3&4Step L back, Step R together, Step L back as you hitch R
5, 6&-7Step R back, Return weight forward to L, Step R forward and spin* left 1 rotation on R
8(after spinning during counts &7) Step L forward (9:00)

[17-24] Front Mambo, Back Mambo 1/4, Toe Switches x3, Spin* (6:00)
1&2Rock R forward, Recover back onto L, Step R back
3&4Rock L back, Recover forward onto R, Turn 1/4 left as you cross L over R (6:00)
5&6&Touch R to right side, Step R next to L, Touch L to left side, Step L next to R
7, 8*Touch* R to right side (see notes), Spin* right 1 rotation on L (6:00)

[25-32] Step Out, Hold, Body Roll to Left, Walk x2, 1/2 Turn x2, Step Out (6:00)
1, 2Step R out to R (6:00), Hold
3-4Body Roll to Left: Start with shoulders and move down toward hips
5, 6&Step R forward, Step L forward and prep body to right, Turn 1/2 left stepping back on R (12:00)
&8Turn 1/2 left stepping forward on left (6:00), Step R out to right

TAG: On Wall 10, dance first 18 counts then…
[1-2] Step Back, Step 1/4, Together
1, 2&Step L back, Turn 1/4 right as you step R right, Step L together
1… Step R out as you begin the dance again with hip sways.
RESTART: On Wall 4, dance the first 8 counts and then turn 1/4 right as you begin again facing (6:00)

NOTES: Begin dance with feet shoulder width apart.
*Touch*-Press during this toe touch, giving it a bit of weight, to help prep for the spin on the next count.
SPINS- Options if you decide not to spin…because you don’t want to show off ;)
For the spin in the second count of eight, simply replace spin with a step forward.
For the spin in the third count of eight, simply replace the spin with a R hitch.

Get into the music. Get into the dance. GET UGLY.



Pismo November 22, 2015
Where's count 7 in the last set?

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