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Get Up

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Intermediate level
Seth Lilly
Get Up - Ciara : (Album: Step Up Soundtrack)
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32 Count Intro. Start on Vocals 
1-8Rock right, recover left, step together, rock left, recover right, sailor ¼, sailor ¼ 
1-2Rock to right side pushing right shoulder out, recover on left pushing left shoulder out 
&3Step right next to left, rock to left side 
4Recover on right 
5&6Left sailor step ¼ right (Facing 3:00) 
7&8Right sailor step ¼ right (6:00) 
9-16Step lock step, hitch, step together step, sailor ¼, step forward, drag step 
1&2Step lock step to left diagonal 
&3&4Hitch right next to left, step right to right side, step left next to right, step right out 
5&6Left sailor step ¼ left (3:00) 
7-8Step right forward, drag left and step next to right 
17-24Bounce right (x2), bounce left (x2), rock recover step ¼, cross, point 
1-4Bounce right shoulder to the right twice, the left shoulder left twice 
5&6Rock forward on right, recover on left, turn ¼ right stepping on right (6:00) 
7-8Cross left over right, point right to right side 
25-32Step, touch, step, touch, turn ¼, step, look right, look front 
1-2Step on right, touch left next to right 
3-4Step left out to left, touch right next to left 
5-6Turn ¼ to the right stepping on right, step left next to right (9:00) 
7-8Turn head to the right, turn head back to the front 
33-40Heel & heel, & step lock step, step forward, coaster ½, step forward 
1&2Touch right heel forward, step right next to left, touch left heel forward 
&3&4Step left next to right, step lock step to right diagonal 
5Step left forward 
6&7Coaster ½ turning right (3:00) 
8Step left forward 
41-48Rock, recover, cross, step back, step ¼, cross, step ¼, step together 
1-2Rock to right side, recover on left 
3-4Cross right over left, step back on left 
5-6Turn ¼ right stepping on right, cross left over right (6:00) 
7-8Turn ¼ right stepping on right, step left next to right (9:00) (All Restarts occur here) 
49-56Rock recover, sailor ¼, cross step cross, step lock step 
1-2Rock forward on right, recover on left 
3&4Right sailor step turning ¼ right (12:00) 
5&6Cross left over right, step right to right, cross left over right (all moving to right diagonal) 
7&8Step right forward, lock left behind right, step right forward 
57-64Point, point, sailor ¼, point, turn ¼, step together, point, hold 
1-2Point left forward, point left to left side 
3&4Left sailor step turning ¼ left (9:00) 
5-6Point right forward, turn ¼ left stepping on right (6:00) 
&7Step left next to right, point right out to right side 
Restarts: 2nd wall, after 48 counts (Facing 3:00) 
4th wall, after 48 counts (Facing 6:00) 
6th wall, after 48 counts from start of male vocals (rap) (Facing 9:00) 
Note: The two walls of the dance alternate between 12:00-6:00 and 3:00-9:00 with each restart.


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