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Girl Crushin'

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Rick Dominguez (USA) - April 2015
Girl Crush - Little Big Town
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1-3Rock Forward Left, Recover Right, 1/4 Sweep Left Behind Right
4&aSide Rock Right, Recover Left, Cross Right Over Left
5&6&7Syncopated Vine Stepping Side Left on 5, Cross Right Behind Left On &, Stepping Side Left on 6, Crossing Right Over Left On &, Sliding Left To Left Side On 7
8&aStep Right To Right Side, Left Behind Right, 1/4 Turn Stepping Right
(Alternative spin, full turn and a 1/4, as you step right, left, right)

1,2,&3Step Forward Left ( now facing wall 1 or 12 o'clock) As You Sweep Right Behind Left Foot While 1/2 Turn To The Right Taking Weight On 2 (now facing back wall or 6o'clock), Sweep Left Behind Right Taking Weight On &, Touch Right To Right Side On 3
4&aStepping Right, Left, Right, Take A Full Spin To The Right (still facing 6 o'clock)
5Take Weight On Left Foot (which is pointing the right wall, or 3 o'clock, this is how you set your mind knowing you will end facing this wall)
6&aStart A 1/2 Turn As You Step Right Back On 6, Pivot Left On &, Right Foot Forward On ‘a’
7Step Forward On Left Foot (which is now pointing to the left wall, or 9 o'clock)
8&aStart A 1/2 Turn As You Step Right Back on 8, Pivot Left On &, Right Foot Forward On ‘a’. (You are now back at 3 o'clock to start wall 2)

(As you can see, you've completed a full circle from counts 5-8&a. Let your body flow in that circular motion as you step around)

*Note (the ending count, 8&a is also the pick up to the top of the dance, you can start the dance with that pick if you choose to, by simply rocking back with a coasting step R,L,R, into that rock step forward on count 1.
With the first three words of the songs lyrics, "I've Got A")



DJ Rick April 24, 2015
seems the Audio on the demo already got flagged and muted... :( well the demo can be seen with audio on my fb page...I'll keep it near the top.

DJmichaelmoves April 29, 2015
I got a Girl Crush on that hot ginger in your demo.

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