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Girl In A Country Song

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Easy Intermediate
Michael Schmidt (DE) - February 2015
Girl in a Country Song - Maddie & Tae
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- The dance is choreographed (counted) on 80 bpm & got one real short Tag
Alternate Music: -
Parking Lot Party - Lee Brice [86 bpm] (03:29) NO Tag, NO Restart
Sun Daze - Florida Georgia Line [85 bpm] (03:05) NO Tag, NO Restart

Info: Start dancing on lyrics
No Choreographer was harmed in the making of this step sheet, this is only a dance – dance – dance - dance .

Sec 1: Rock Back, Recover, Step Lock Step R, Heel Switches, Side Rock Cross L
1-2Step/Rock right back, Recover weight onto left
3&4Step right diagonally forward, Lock left behind right, Step right forward
5&Touch left heel forward, Step left together
6&Touch right heel forward, Step right together
7&8Step/Rock left side, Recover weight onto right, Cross left over right

Sec 2: Side, Touch, Side, Kick, Behind Side Cross, Toe & Heel & Toe Turn
1&Step right side, Touch left beside right
2&Step left side, Kick right diagonally forward
3&4Step right behind left, Step left side, Cross right over left
5&Touch left toe behind right, Step back onto left
6&Touch right heel forward, Step down onto right
7-8Touch left toe behind right, ½ turn left stepping down onto left (06:00)

Sec 3: Step R, ½ Turn L, Shuffle ½ Turn L, Coaster Step, Run Forward (3x)
1-2Step right forward, ½ turn left onto left (keep weight onto left) (12:00)
3&4Step right side on a ¼ turn left, step left together, step right back on a ¼ turn left (06:00)
5&6Step left back, Step right beside left, Step left forward
7&8Step right forward, Step left forward, Step right forward

Sec 4: Rhumba Box Back, Mambo Step L, Step Back R + L
1&2Step left side, Step right next to left, Step left back
3&4Step right side, Step left next to right, Step right forward
5&6Step/Rock left forward, Recover weight onto right, Step left beside right
7-8Step back onto right, Step back onto left

Repeat, Smile & Have Fun

TAG only for ‘Girl …’: At the end of wall 6 (12:00) add a (Quick) Step Back R + L
&9Quick Step back onto right, Quick Step back onto left
sorry, the ‘Girl …’ won’t work without that small Tag … but believe me, it doesn’t hurt

FINISH: … don’t forget … tap on the brim of your hat and greet the band or the d-jay.

Written in Feb 2015 on request & in advance for the workshop “ Tanz in den Mai ” on April 30th 2015.

Contact: hallokoala @


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