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Girls Night Out

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Eric Mosley - March 2017
MGNO - Russell Dickerson (1 Restart)
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Alt music: Heavier Than Sin - By Irish Stew of Sindidun (2 - 4 count Tags 1 Restart) 32 Count Intro

#16 Count Intro

L Fwd Shuffle, R Side Shuffle Right, Cross Heel Jack Step (2X)
1&2Step fwd L, Step Right next to Left, Step Fwd Left
3&4Step Right to Right Side, step Left next to Right, Step Right
5&6Cross Left over Right, Jack Left Heel to the left side
7&8Cross Right over Left, Jack Right Heel to Right Side

R Back Lock Step, Hitch Left, Left ¼ pivot Fwd, Step Left, Right step, Left lock behind Right, Shuffle ½ pivot, R,L,R
1&2,3Right step back, Lock Left in front of Right, Right back Step, Left hitch
4,5,6fwd ¼ Left, Step Left, Step Right to right side, lock Left behind Right
7&8½ pivot shuffle R,L,R (Restart Here on Wall 5)
Wall 5 dance the first 16 counts, Body will be angled with Weight on the Right Foot,
Restart, Shuffling Fwd with the left foot, Squaring up to Face new wall to continue the dance.

Left Step, Right Heel Flick, Behind Side Cross, Left Kick ½ Pivot, Fwd Shuffle
1&2L Step, Right heel flick back, Step R,
3&4,Left behind Right, Right side step, Cross left over right,
5,6,¼ back Pivot, kick L, ½ back pivot,
7&8Fwd shuffle Left,Right,Left

Kick, Hitch, Kick (2X), ¼ Jazz Side Shuffle
1&2&Right fwd kick, Cross back flick, fwd kick, step Right
3&4&Left fwd kick, Cross back flick, fwd kick, step Left
5,6,¼ pivot Right, Cross left over,
7&8shuffle Right, Left, Right

Alternate: Irish Stew of Sindidun - Heavier Than Sin
Tag: 4 Count Tag at the end of the first wall and 6
Jazz Box in Place
Cross Left over Right, Step back with the Right,
Step back Left to Left side, Right Step next to Left taking Weight on the Right to Restart.


( 13:10:20)


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