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Girls on Fire

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Laura Sway (UK), Debbie Ellis (ES) & I.C.E. (ES) - January 2021
Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys
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Intro: 68 counts (approx. 44 secs)
Choreographer's Note: Dance starts facing 6.00. Although we turn straightaway, we wanted the impact on the first 2 counts.

S1: ½ Turn Sweep, Cross, Ball Cross, Diagonal Rock & Drag Back, Ball Step
1Start facing 6.00 - Immediately make ½ turn over left stepping on to left and sweeping right from back to front - 12.00
2,3Cross right over left, hold
&4Step left slightly to left side (&), cross right over left
5&Rock left diagonally forward left to 10.30, recover on right (&) 10.30
6,7Staying on diagonal take a big step back on left, drag right to left
&8Step on right (&), step left diagonally forward 10.30
S2: Rock & Cross, Hinge Turn Right, Cross, Rock ¼ Step, Walk Forward L,R
1&2Rock right to right side, recover on left straightening up to 9.00 (&), cross right over left 9.00
3&4Step back on left making ¼ turn right, make ¼ turn right stepping right to right side (&), cross left over right 3.00
5&6Rock right to right side, recover on left making ¼ turn left (&), step forward right 12.00
7,8Walk forward left, walk forward right
S3: Step ½ Turn Step, Full Spiral Turn, Step Sweep, Cross, Rock & Cross, ½ Hinge Turn
1&2Step forward left, pivot ½ turn right (&), step forward left 6.00
3Step on right making a full turn left hooking left in front of right
4,5Step forward left sweeping right from back to front, cross right over left 6.00
6&7Rock left to left side, recover on right (&), cross left over right
8Step ball of right to right side making ½ turn left keeping left foot slightly off the ground and pointed forward 12.00
S4: Step Left, Cross, Rock & Cross, Diagonal Rock, Recover, Step With Sweep, Sailor Step, Step Behind
1,2Step forward left, cross right over left
3&4Rock left to left side, recover on right (&), cross left over right
5&Rock right to right diagonal (towards 1.30), recover on left (&) 1.30
6Staying on diagonal take a big step back on right sweeping left around from front to back to straighten up to 12.00 12.00
7&8&Step left behind right, rock right to right side (&), step left in place, step right behind left (&)
Start Over
TAG: At the end of Wall 3 facing 12.00, add the following 4-count tag:
1,2,3,4Keeping weight on right, raise both arms up with palms facing forward (representing flames rising up)
As you turn into count 1 of the dance, drop both hands back down
ENDING: The dance finishes at the end of Wall 8 facing 6.00. To finish facing 12.00:
1,2,3,4Hold (1), hold (2), step left to left side (3), make a sharp ½ turn left stepping right to right side bringing both arms up with palms forward hitting the big beat of music (4)
5,6,7,8Slowly bring hands down


Susan Duncan January 25, 2021
I love it Ladies! Great job! Music is so awesome!

ROSIE January 26, 2021
love it 🤗

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