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Easy Intermediate waltz
Jessica Boström. (SE) April 2017.
Just A Man - SoMo. Track length: 4.09. Buy on iTunes, etc.
Intro: 24 counts. Approx 13 secs into track.
Restarts: See explanation at bottom of page.
Sequence: 48, 36, 48, 24, 48, 36, 48, 36, 48, 48.
*Due to Restarts, it will be danced towards all 4 walls.*

[1-12] L Twinkle. Twinkle 1/4 Turn. Cross Point Hold. 1/2 Side Rock.
1-3Cross L over R, step R to Right side, step L to Left side.
4-6Cross R over L, make a 1/4 turn Right stepping L back, step R to Right side. (3.00)
7-9Cross L over R, point R to Right side, hold.
10-12Make 1/2 turn Right stepping R beside L, rock L to Left side, recover onto R. (9.00)

[13-24] Forward 1/4 Back. Back 1/4 Forward. Forward Lunge. Run Back R L R.
1-3Step L forward, make a 1/4 left stepping R beside L, step back on L. (6.00)
4-6Step R back, make 1/4 turn Left stepping L forward, step R forward. (3.00)
7-9Rock L forward as you bend both knees slightly, and then hold for 2 counts.
(Styling suggestion: On those hold counts you can bring your R arm forward and up, it also helps you to keep your balance.)
10-12Run back on R, L, R.
*Restart: On wall 4, 9.00. (Restart facing 12.00)

[25-36] 1/2 Turn With Sweep. Weave. Side Drag Touch. Rolling Vine.
1-3Make 1/2 turn Left stepping forward on L as you start making a slow sweep with R from back to front, continue sweeping your R for 2 counts. (9.00)
4-6Cross R over L, step L to Left side, cross R behind L.
7-9Long step to Left on L, drag R to Left, touch R next L.
10-12Make 1/4 turn Right stepping forward on R, make 1/2 turn Right stepping back on L, make 1/4 turn Right stepping R to Right side. (9.00)
On wall 2, 6.00. (Restart facing 3.00) On wall 6, 6.00. (Restart facing 3.00)
On wall 8, 9.00. (Restart facing 6.00)

[37-48] Cross Side 1/8. Back 1/8 Forward. Step Spiral. Run Forward L R L.
1-3Cross L over R, step R to Right side, 1/8 turn Left stepping back on L. (7.30)
4-6Step back on R, 1/8 turn Left step L to Left side, step R forward. (6.00)
7-9Step L forward, make a full spiral turn Right with weight on L over 2 counts.
10-12Run forward R, L, R.

End of dance - Ready to start again!

There is four Restarts in this dance; On walls 2, 4, 6 & 8.
Please do not let the Restarts and the phrasing put you off.
After dancing it a couple of times I am sure you will hear it in the music.

Contact: jessica.bostrom@hotmail.com

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