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Gives Us Shivers (P)

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Intermediate Pattern Partner
Barb Monroe (USA) & Dave Monroe (USA) - February 2022
Shivers - Ed Sheeran
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Adapted from the line dance Gives Me Shivers by Brandon Zahorsky
Start in Cape position, footwork is the same throughout

(1-8) Hop forward, Hold, Bump L, Bump R, Walk, Walk, Shuffle
&1-2Hop R forward (&), Step L next to R (1), Hold (2) (weight on both feet)
3-4Bump hips L, Bump hips R
5-6Walk forward L, R
7&8Shuffle forward L, R, L

(9-16) Cross rock, Shuffle side, Cross rock, Shuffle ¼ turn
1-2Cross R over L, Recover L
3&4Shuffle to the right stepping R, L, R
5-6Cross L over R, Recover R
7&8Shuffle to the left turning ¼ turn L stepping L, R, L (facing ILOD)
Arms: Drop L arms through the turn while man’s R arm goes over lady’s head ending in Indian position, reconnect L arms at the waist

(17-24) Cross point, Step behind point, Jazz box ¼ turn
1-2Cross R over L, Point L toe to the side
3-4Cross L behind R, Point R toe to the side
5-8Step R over L, Step back L with ¼ turn R, Step R beside L, Step forward L (facing LOD)
Arms: Drop L arms through the turn while man lifts R arms on 7 to go over lady’s head, reconnect L arms and return to Cape position on 8

(25-32) Walk forward 4 steps, Slide, Touch, Slide, Touch
1-4Walk forward R, L, R, L (optional lady’s full turn)
5-6Slide (or step) R a big step at an angle to the right, Touch L beside R
7-8Slide (or step) L a big step at an angle to the left, Touch R beside L

Begin again


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