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Intermediate level
Barry Durand (USA) - September 2006
Crazy - Gnarls Barkley : (CD: St Elsewhere)
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4 count intro unless you get the extended version. 
Note: Yes, it?s an AB dance but B can be taught in 1 minute. It is just 8 counts repeated 4 times. It is easy but looks good on the floor in mass. The rhythm of the Chorus versus the Verse really called for an AB dance. 
Sequence: A, A, B, A, A*, B, A, A, B, A,(Part B will only start when you face the front wall) 
* on the 4th A you can replace counts 13&14 (side shuffle) with a hop, hop, hop - but make sure to take weight on R on the last hop. This hits when he sings Ha, Ha, Ha. 
Part A 
1-8 Step, Mambo, Syncopated Lock, Coaster Step 
1,2&3 Step R, Mambo forward LRL by rocking forward L, recover weight R, step together or slightly back L 
4 Hold 
&5&6 Step back R, lock step in front L, step back R, step back L 
7&8 Coaster step back with RLR by stepping back R, together L, forward R 
9-16 ¼ turn Slide, Sways, Side Shuffle, Turn Ronde 
1,2 ¼ turn right and big step L (slide), bring R to left with a tap 
3,4 Step side R (sway), transfer weight to L (sway) 
5&6 Side shuffle R,L,R but turn ¼ turn to right on the last R  
7,8 Step forward L, turn ½ turn to the right while sweeping (ronde) the right foot (this move feels like a pivot turn type of action but weight stays on L while sweeping R) 
17-24 Por-ti-sere (Jazz box sweep), Hitch Lean Back 
1&2 Cross R behind L, step L side and slightly forward, step forward R 
3&4 Cross L over right, step back R, step back L while sweeping R 
5&6 Cross R behind L, step L side and slightly forward, step forward R 
7,8 Hitch L up leaning back bending R knee, step forward L 
25-32 Shuffle, Stationary Pivot, Shuffle, Kick Ball Change 
1&2 Shuffle forward R,L,R 
3,4 Stationary Pivot by stepping forward L, turn ½ turn to right and step in place R 
5&6 Shuffle forward L,R,L 
7&8 Kick Ball Change by kicking R, rocking back on R, recover in place L 
Begin Again 
Part B  
1-8 Sweep ¼ turn, Shuffle, Walks, Kick Ball Change 
1,2 Step forward R, turn ¼ turn left sweeping R around 
3&4 Shuffle forward L,R,L 
5,6 Walk forward R,L 
7&8 Kick Ball Change by kicking R, rock back R, recover in place L 
9-32 Repeat the first 8 counts 3 more times till you get back to front wall.  
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