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Easy Intermediate
Laura Turcaud (FR) - April 2020
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Intro : 16c - Style : Country Traditional

(1-8) Rock frwd, ½ turn, ¼ turn, ½ turn & Triple step frwd, Rock frwd
1-2L forward (option : L hand and et arm outstretched in front), return to R
3-4½ turn to L and L forward, ¼ turn and R to R 6H-3H
(option : 3-4 hat above the head)
5&6½ turn to L and triple step forward-GDG- 9H
(option : 5&6 put the hat back on the head)
7-8R forward, return to L

(9-16) Step back, Point back, pivot ½ turn, Walk x2, Sway x3
1-2R back, L point back
3&4½ turn to L (on L), R next to L, L forward 3H
5-6R forward, L to L with hips to L
7-8Hips to R, hips to L

(17-24) (Side step, Point back cross rock syncopated) x2, Side step, Sailor ¼ turn, Stomp
1-2&R to R, cross L point behind R (on L), return to R
3-4&L to L, cross R point behind L (on R), return to L
5-6R to R, cross L behind R
&7-8¼ turn to L and R to R, L to L, strike R to R (on R) 12H

(25-32) Heel frwd, Cross back, Switch, Cross shuffle, Point frwd, ¼ turn & Point frwd, Coaster step, Switch
1-2L heel forward (on L), cross R behind L
&3&4L to L, cross R in front of L, L to L, cross R in front of L
5-6L point forward, ¼ turn to L and L point forward 9H
7&8&L back, R next to L, L forward, R next to L

Restart : 6th wall, dance 28c (cross shuffle) then start the choreography again (9H)

The pleasure of sharing, dancing and making friends
Big kisses to all my friends Traditional, Catalan and my Montana family


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