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God Bless The Girls

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Kate Sala (UK) - November 2015
Pageant Material - Kacey Musgraves
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Start after a 44 count intro or 28 seconds.

Walk Forward x 2, Touch Forward, Step Back, Walk Back x 2, Coaster Step.
1 2Walk forward on R, L.
3 4Touch R toe forward. Step back on R.
5 6Walk back on L, R.
7 & 8Step back on L. Step R next to L. Step forward on L.

Turn 1/4 Left Stepping Right, Together, Turn 1/2 Right With Cross Shuffle, Left, Together, Scissor Step.
1 2Turn 1/4 left stepping R to right side. Step L next to R. 9:00
3 & 4Turn 1/2 right cross stepping R over L. Step L to left side. Cross step R over L. 3:00
5 6Step L to left side. Step R next to L.
7 & 8Step L to left side. Step R next to L. Cross step L over R. (Restart from here during wall 4)

Turn 3/4 Left, Turn 1/4 Left With Side Rock Cross, Left Together Back, Rock Back, Recover.
1 2Turn 1/4 left stepping back on R. Turn 1/2 left stepping forward on L.
3 & 4Turn 1/4 left with right side rock on R. Recover on L. Cross step R over L. 3:00
(Easier option for the above turn is:- Step R, together, right side rock, recover, cross)
5 & 6Step L to left side. Step R next to L. Step back on L.
7 8Rock back on R. Rock forward on L.

Forward Rock, Recover, Turn 1/2 Right, Touch Forward, Flick, Step Forward.
1 & 2Rock forward on R. Rock back on L. Turn 1/2 right stepping forward on R. 9:00
3 & 4Touch L toe forward. Flick L foot back. Step forward on L.

Start Again.

RESTART: During wall 4 after 16 counts, restart facing back wall.


G Q January 5, 2019
cant get this music out of my head. improver dance i left out turns for the beginners. very nice . thank you KAKE

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