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God Is A Dancer

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Adrian Lefebour (AUS), February 2020
God Is A Dancer - Tiesto & Mabel (2.48)
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Notes: 4 count intro, Start on the beat

[1-8] Step Side, Together, Step Side, Touch, Step Side, Together, 1/4 Turn Fwd, 1/4 Paddle Turn
1,2Step L to L side, Step R next to L
3,4Step L to L side, Touch R toe next to L
5&6Step R to R side, Step L next to R, 1/4 Turn R step R fwd (3.00)
7,8Step L fwd, 1/4 Paddle turn R (weight on R) (6.00)

[9-16] Walk Fwd x2, Shuffle Fwd, 1/2 Pivot Turn, Shuffle Fwd
1,2Walk L fwd, Walk R fwd
3&4Shuffle L fwd – Step L fwd, Step R next to L, Step L fwd
5,6Step R fwd, 1/2 Pivot turn L (weight on L) (12.00)
7&8Shuffle R fwd – Step R fwd, Step L next to R, Step R fwd

[17-24] Walk Fwd x2, Step Side, Touch Behind, Step Side, Touch Behind, 3/4 Unwind
1,2Walk L fwd, Walk R fwd
3,4Step L to L side, Touch R toe behind L
5,6Step R to R side, Touch L toe behind R
7,8Unwind 3/4 Turn over L shoulder for two counts (weight on L) (3.00)

[25-32] Lock Shuffle Fwd x2, Step Fwd, 1/2 Hitch, Lock Shuffle Fwd x2, Step Fwd x2
1&2&Step R fwd, Lock L behind R, Step R fwd, Lock L behind R
3,4Step R fwd, Hitching L making a 1/2 Turn over R keeping the L foot off the ground (9.00)
5&6&Step L fwd, Lock R behind L, Step L fwd, Lock R behind L
7,8Step L fwd, Step R fwd (9.00)

NOTE: The first two walls might feel weird to the music, but when the chorus hits on wall 3 it will all make sense.

MUSIC NOTE: There is an edited track available, let me know if you want it.

FINISH – Wall 11 – Dance the first 8 counts to finish at the front wall.



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