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Going Down

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Jane Middleton & Ian Scowcroft (UK) - January 2014
Timber (feat. Kesha) - Pitbull
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(Credit goes to Alison and Peter of TheDanceFactoryUK for the Inspiration and 1st 8 counts borrowed from their Intermediate dance “TIMBER”)

#1 R fwd rock recover, R & L apart, R heel bounce step, L heel bounce step.
1-2Rock forward R recover weight on left
&3-4Step R foot back and out, step left foot out (feet apart), hold.
EASIER ALTERNATIVE for counts 1-4; do a box step :
1-2 Step diagonally out forward with R, step diagonally forward L (feet apart).
3-4 Step back with R, step back with L (keep feet apart).
5-6Tap (bounce) R heel down/up, and then step down on R.
7-8Tap (bounce) L heel down/up, then up then step down on L.
STYLING: Press palms to floor as you do the heel bounces

#2 Diagonal step touches forward R then L. Diagonal Step touches back R then L.
1-2Step forward on right diagonal, touch left beside right.
3-4Step forward on left diagonal, touch right beside right.
5-6Step back on right diagonal, touch left beside right.
7 8Step back on left diagonal, touch right beside left.
STYLING: (Do these steps with attitude and clap as you touch)

#3 Grapevine R, touch, Grapevine L turning ¼ L, scuff
1-2Step right to right side, step left behind right.
3-4Step right to right side, touch left beside right foot.
5-6Step left to left side, cross right behind left.
7-8step left to left side as you turn a 1/4 L, scuff R forward (9:00)

#4 Right Rocking Chair, 2 x 1/8 paddles L.
1-2Rock forward on R, recover back onto L.
3-4Rock Back on R, recover forward onto L.
5-6Step forward on right, push 1/8 turn to L taking weight on L. (swing your hips)
7-8Step forward on right, push 1/8 turn to L taking weight on L (6:00). (swing your hips)


FINISH: End of last wall (6:00) - Step Fwd. on R & push arms up in the air!



Sandue November 7, 2017
I like this dance (as an alternative for the harder dance called Timber). Flows good to the music. Thanks for a great dance.

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