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Gold Watch

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Advanced - Non-Country
Shane McKeever (N.IRE) & Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - March 2016
Gold Watch - Fleur East
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Count-in: 16 Count Intro (approx. 10 secs from start of track)

Note: Start Dance Facing 12.00 and 1 Restart on Wall 2 after count 48

[1-8] Step, ¼ Turn Side Step, Sailor Touch, Hold, Ball Cross, Side Step With Hip Bumps
1,2Step Rf Fwd, ¼ Turn R as you Step Lf to L Side (facing 3.00)
3&4Cross Rf behind Lf, Step Lf next to Rf, Touch Rf to R Side
5&6Hold, Step on to Ball of Rf, Cross Lf in front of Rf
7&8Step Rf to R Side as you Bump Hips R, L, R
[9-16] ¼ Turn Walk, Walk, Lock, Head Movement, Sweep x2, Sailor ¼ Turn
1,21/4 Turn L as you Walk Lf Fwd, Walk Rf Fwd (facing 12.00)
&3&4Step on to Ball of Lf Fwd, Lock Rf behind Lf on Ball of Rf, Lift Head Up, Head back to Neutral
(On all walls facing 6.00 bring both arms up in front, right arm on top of left, lift right arm up and chop it back down, like a TIC TOC)
5,6Step back on Rf as you Sweep Lf Front to Back, Step Back on Lf as you Sweep Rf Front to Back
7&8Cross Rf behind Lf as you ¼ Turn R (facing 3.00), Step Lf next to Rf, Step Rf Fwd

[17-24] Step, MJ Flick, Arms up, Side Step, Touch, Hip Bumps, Ball Change with ¼ Turn, 1/2 Turn
1&2Step Lf Fwd, Flick Rf out to R Side with knee bent, bring Rf in to Hitch Position (bring both arms up in front of face clicking fingers)
3&4Throw both arms up, Step Rf to R Side, Touch Lf to L Side bringing arms down (weight on RF)
&5&6Hip to L, Recover, Hip to L, Recover,
&7,8Step on ball of Lf, Step Rf Fwd as you ¼ Turn L, Pivot ½ Turn L finishing with weight on Lf (Facing 6.00)
[25-32] Hitch R Knee, Hitch L Knee, Hitch R Knee x2, Coaster Step, Step ½ Turn, ¼ Turn Side Step
1&2Hitch R knee and Brush R shoulder with L hand, Step Rf next to Lf, Hitch L knee and Brush L shoulder with R hand
&3&4Step Lf next to Rf, Hitch R knee and Brush R shoulder with L hand, Step Rf next to Lf, Hitch R knee and Brush R shoulder with L hand
5&6Step Rf back, Step Lf next to Rf, Step Rf Fwd (6.00)
7&8Step LF fwd, Pivot ½ Turn transferring weight to RF, ¼ Turn Stepping Lf to L Side (facing 3.00)
[33-40] Weave Left, Side Step, Close, Cross, ¼ Turn Step Back, Shuffle ½ Turn
1,2,3Cross Rf behind Lf, Step Lf to L Side, Step Rf across L
&4Step Lf to L, Step RF next to L,
5,6Cross Lf in front of Rf, Step Rf back as you ¼ Turn L
7&8Step Lf to L Side as you ¼ Turn, Step Rf next to Lf, Step Lf Fwd as you ¼ Turn L (facing 6.00)

[41-48] Rock Fwd, Ball Change, Knee Pop, Ball Change, Pivot ½ Turn, ¼ Turn Slide Clap x2
1,2Rock Rf Fwd, Recover
&3&4Step back on to ball of Rf, Step Lf Fwd, Pop both knees fwd while lifting both heels, Drop both Heels
&5,6Step back on to ball of Lf, Step Rf Fwd, Pivot ½ Turn L transferring weight to Lf
7&8¼ Turn Slide, Clap, Clap (facing 9.00)
There is a Restart here on wall 2, as you do Clap, Clap, you ¼ Turn L to restart facing 12.00
(This happens very fast so feel free to make the slide a ½ turn to help prepare you for the walk forward)

[49-56] Body Roll x2, ¼ Turn Walk L, Walk R, Ball Change, Step
1,2,3,4Body Roll L, Body Roll R finishing with weight on Rf (option : hip rolls x2 if body rolls are not your thing)
5,6Step Lf Fwd as you ¼ Turn L (facing 6.00), Step Rf Fwd
&7,8Step Lf on the ball to L Side, Step Rf in Place, Step Lf Fwd

[57-64] Side Step, ¼ Side Step, Cross Rock, Side Step, Body Roll, Together, Side Step, Together with ¼ Turn, Jump, Jump
1,2Step Rf to R Side, ¼ Turn L as you Step Lf to L Side (facing 3.00)
3&4Rock Rf across Lf, Recover, touch Rf to R Side (angling your body to 1.30)
5&6Body Roll transferring weight to Rf, Step Lf next to Rf, step Rf to R Side
7&8Step Lf next to Rf, make ¼ turn R Jump Fwd, Jump Fwd (facing 6.00)

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