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Golden Eye Rumba

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Intermediate Rumba
Russibell Seoh
Golden Eye (Single Edit).Tina Turner on The Best of Bond. [3:29 - 102 bpm)
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Intro : 40 Counts
Tag : After Wall 2, Dance 8 Counts (12:00)
Tag : Hold, Hip Sway LRL , Hold , Hip Sway RLR
1234Hold (1) Step L Side &Hip sway L(2) R(3) L(4) ,
5678Hold(5) Hip Sway R(6)L(7)R(8)
Sec1. Step L Back, Drag & Ball Change, Fwd Walk L R , Hold, Fwd Walk L R , 1/2 R Turn Step L Back & R Sweep .
1 2Step L Back, Drag R Next to L Then Ball Change ready to move L Fwd. (Finally Touch L Toe Next TO R)
345Fwd Walk L R Hold
678Fwd Walk L R ,1/2 R Turn Step L Back &R Sweep From Fwd To Back.(6:00)
Sec2. Hold, R Rock back , L Recover ,Step R Fwd , 1/4 R Turn Touch L Next to R, Hold ,Step L Fwd, 1/2 L Turn Step R Back,Step L Back
1Hold ( Continue Sweep R From Fwd To Back)
2 3Step R Back Rock , R (in Place) Recover
4 &Step R Fwd , 1/4 R Turn Touch L Next To R(9:00)
6 7Step L Fwd , 1/2 L Turn Step R Back (3:00)
8Step L Back
Sec3. Hold, Together &Hip Sway R, L, R, Hold, L Side &Hip Sway L, R, L
2345Step R Next To L & R Hip Sway(2),L(3),R(4), Hold(5)
678Step L To Side & Hip Sway To The L(6), R (7), L(8)
Sec4. Hold, Step R Back Rock .L Recover, Step R Fwd, Hold ,Step L Fwd Rock , R Recover , Step L Back
2345Step R Rock Back , Recover On L, Step R Fwd, Hold
67Step L Rock Fwd , Recover On R
8Step L Back
Sec5. 5/8 R Spiral Turn , Fwd Walk R L R, Hold, 1/8 R Turn Side L Rock, Recover, Cross
1 5/8 R Spiral Turn( Weight On L 10:30)
2345Fwd Walk R L R , Hold ( 10:30)
6781/8 R Turn Step L Side Rock ( 12:00), Recover On R , Cross L Over R
Sec6. Hold, 1/4L Turn Step R Back, 1/4 L Turn Step L Side, Cross R Over L, Hold , Pressy Walk L,R,L
231/4L Turn Step R Back, 1/4 L Turn Step L Side(6:00)
45Cross R Over L, Hold
678Cross L Over R, Cross R Over L, Cross L Over R
Sec7. Hold, R Vine Step , Full Turn To L x2, Step L Side
234Step R Side, Step L Behind R , Step R Side
5Hold ( Option Touch L Toe next To R)
6&1/4 L Turn Step L Fwd, 3/4 L Turn Step R Next To L,
7&1/4 L Turn Step L Fwd, 3/4 L Turn Step R Next To L,
8Step L Side
Sec8. Hold, R Together, Head Turn Motion, Hold, Flick L Back , Fwd Touch L Toe, L Hip Roll
234Step R Next To L &Start Turnning Your Head Clock Wise From R To L,(Continue)Turn your head from 2 to 4 counts.
67Flick L Back To Out, Touch Fwd L Toe
8Anti Clock Wise L Half Hip Roll
(Finally ,The Weight Shifts To The R & Ends in a Sitting position)

Happy Dancing

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Happy Feeet July 10, 2019
Excellent soundtrack. Due to copyright, just purchased this song, next teach on Happy Feet list.

Russibell July 12, 2019
Thank you Happy Feet ~~~

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